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Steel Battalion


Unlock All VT's and Maps in Free Mission Mode

At the title screen, move the tuner to the following positions and keep it there for one second each position.


The numbers above are the positions, like a clock, except this clock starts on the right where the printed numbers start (i.e. 9 o'clock on a normal clock is 0 in the code. 12 o'clock on a normal clock is 4 in the code, etc.)

When you complete the code you will hear a sound effect then you will be able to use all VT's and play any mission on any difficulty in free mission mode.

This code has been tested to work on both SB and Tekki, if it doesn't work try again.

Contributed By: daimaou mike.


Pause the Game

There is actually a way to pause the game when you are on a mission. All you need to do is unplug the Steel Battalion Controller and the game will pause and have a warning notice saying that the controller is disconnected. To unpause, plug the Steel Battalion Controller back in the first port and press the Start button to resume the game.

Contributed By: Asch The Hated.


Full Screen Mode

Log 55 game hours to unlock this trick. <BR/><BR/> Press Ignition and Start to remove the cockpit view and play in full screen mode.

Contributed By: daimaou mike.

Remove HUD

When your rank is Lieutenant Colonel, press ignition + start during a game to remove the HUD.

Contributed By: nado.

Unlimited Fuel and Ammo

After logging 100 hours of piloting time, restart your XBox and complete 2082 mode. You can then press Start and Magazine Change during the mission loading screen to gain unlimited fuel and ammo.

Contributed By: LagLord.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game in Desperado mode; hit start and hatch to enableAutobot Code
Complete Hai Shi Dao 2082 missions on Normal difficulty in ''Campaign'' modeMovie Viewer
Reach Colonel rank (800000 cpts)Obtain the Juggernaut VT
Get ten decorationsObtain the Rapier VT
Beat mission 23 on Veteran level difficulty; press start and nightscrope to enableScreen color toggle
Beat mission 23 on Veteran difficultyUnlock Desperado Mode
Complete mission 23 on Magnum Force difficulty; press start and F3 to enableUnlock the Jump Code
Beat mission 23 on Veteran difficultyVoice Select

Contributed By: daimaou mike and Asch The Hated.


Unlock the Hidden Quasar VT

On mission 7 or 17:

Enter the small room to your left as you enter the second floor of the enemy base, after you beat the defending VT inside you will find a VT-sized box with a switch in the back of the room. Inside is the Quasar VT. You'll receive a COM from Argus then the Quasar will be useable from the next mission.

Contributed By: daimaou mike.