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Operation Flashpoint: Elite


Unlock new content and game enhancements

Make three new character profiles with the following names:

XaX 1985
QA Tester
Dentist Guba

At any time during the game hold both the left trigger and white button to make the cheat menu appear. While there're depressed use up/down on the D-pad to select cheat and press right to activate it.

Cheats are context sensitive. Some only work in-game yet others only during map editing and so forth.

Thanks also to Recoill and maxqubit.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Dentist GubaEnhanced View Distance
XaX 1985Low FPS Detection
Dentist GubaMore Wildlife
XaX 1985MP Lag Diagnostics
QA TesterShow Hide U/I
QA TesterSkip Mission
QA TesterTime Accel
QA TesterUnlock Missions
XaX 1985Unlock Objects in Editor

Contributed By: Asherizm1.


Christmas in Evenon !!!

If you play flashpoint on Christmas on some of the maps there will be Christmas trees. Not all the maps will have Christmas trees. If you don't want to wait till Christmas just change the Xbox's date to 12/25 and Christmas trees will appear.

Contributed By: ChicanoMan.