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007: NightFire



On a racing level, pause and type in. Hold L while typing in, and release when done.

X, Y, Y. X, Y, BBerserk racing
B, B, X, X, Y (on Enemies Vanquished level)Bonus race
B, Y, X, B, BDouble armor
Right, right, left, left, up (on Enemies Vanquished level)Drive Shelby Cobra
X, B, Y, X, Y (on Enemies Vanquished level)Drive SUV
X, Y, B, Y, XFrantic racing
B, Y, X, B, B, B, BQuadruple armor
B, B, B, BSuper bullets
X, B, B, XTrails during a race
B, Y, X, B, B, BTriple armor

Contributed By: nado.


Cheat Codes

Enter the following codes:

QLABAll gadgets
PARTYAll multiplayer characters
GAMEROOMAll multiplayer game mods
POWDERAlpine Escape level
VOODOOBaron Samedi (multiplayer)
ZERO GBond Spacesuit
SHUTTERCamera upgrade
MELTDOWNChain Reaction level
NUCLEARChristmas Jones (multiplayer)
BLASTOFFCountdown level
SESAMEDecryptor upgrade
AQUADeep Descent level
TNTDemolition Option (multiplayer)
BONSAIDouble Cross level
NUMBER 1Drake (multiplayer)
SLICKElectra King
TRACTIONEnemies Vanquished level
VACUUMEquinox level
BOOMExplosive Scenery Mode
AU P2KGolden P2K
AU PP7Golden PP7
ORBITGonden Eye Strike
LIFTOFFGrapple Upgrade
PARADISEIsland Infiltration level
PHOTONLaser Upgrade
PASSPORTLevel Select
BLIMPMax Zordin
HIGHRISENightshift Level
P2000P2K Upgrade
FLAMEPhoenix Level
TARGETPlatinum Medal in Alpine Escape
CIRCUSPussy Galore (the character!)
SCOPERifle Scope Upgrade
MAGAZINESniper Rifle Clip Upgrade
SLEEPYTranq Dart Upgrade
PARTYUnlock all MP Skins
JANUSXena Onatopp

Contributed By: Halo Master Chief, Snoop Dog, Mike Truitt, tiamold, ThePreacher, Disco Man 4, RenoCraft, and Link of Hyrule.


Recieve Kowloon Type 80

To recieve the Kowloon Type 80, a Full-Auto version of the Kowloon Type 40, simply complete the game on the 'Operative' difficulty.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete game on 'Operative' Difficulty LevelKowloon Type 80

Contributed By: LiMpBiZkitFaN.

Unlock characters, weapons, upgrades, and more

To get the unlockable specified, just get the corresponding medal.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Bronze on Phoenix FireCard: Alura
Bronze in EquinoxCard: Bond
Bronze on Paris PreludeCard: Dominique
Bronze in CountdownCard: Drake
Bronze on Night ShiftCard: Kiko
Bronze on Double CrossCard: Mayhew
Bronze on Alpine EscapeCard: Military Snowmobile
Bronze on Chain ReactionCard: Rook
Bronze on Island InfiltrationCard: Ultralight
Bronze on Enemies VanquishedCard: Vanquish
Bronze on Deep DescentCard: Vanquish Sub
Bronze on The ExchangeCard: Zoe
Silver in CountdownMode: Explosive Scenery
Platinum on The ExchangeMP Skin: Baron Samedi
Platinum in EquinoxMP Skin: Bond Spacesuit
Platinum on Island InfiltrationMP Skin: Bond Tuxedo
Platinum on Night ShiftMP Skin: Christmas Jones
Platinum on Phoenix FireMP Skin: Drake Suit
Platinum on Deep DescentMP Skin: Electra King
Platinum on Chain ReactionMP Skin: Goldfinger
Silver on Paris PreludeMP Skin: Jaws
Platinum on Alpine EscapeMP Skin: Max Zorin
Platinum on Enemies VanquishedMP Skin: May Day
Silver on Deep DescentMP Skin: Nik Nak
Silver on The ExchangeMP Skin: Oddjob
Platinum in CountdownMP Skin: Pussy Galore
Platinum on Paris PreludeMP Skin: Renard
Silver on Enemies VanquishedMP Skin: Scaramanga
Silver on Chain ReactionMP Skin: Wai Lin
Platinum on Double CrossMP Skin: Xenia
Silver on Alpine EscapeScenario: Assassination
Silver on Phoenix FireScenario: Demolition
Silver in EquinoxScenario: Goldeneye Strike
Silver on Island InfiltrationScenario: Protection
Silver on Night ShiftScenario: Team King of the Hill
Silver on Double CrossScenario: Uplink
Gold on Enemies VanquishedUpgrade: Camera
Gold on Chain ReactionUpgrade: Dart Gun
Gold on Deep DescentUpgrade: Decryptor
Gold on Alpine EscapeUpgrade: Grapple
Gold in CountdownUpgrade: Laser
Gold on The ExchangeUpgrade: Pistol
Gold on Night ShiftUpgrade: Pistol
Gold on Phoenix FireUpgrade: Pistol
Gold on Paris PreludeUpgrade: Racing Missile
Gold on Double CrossUpgrade: Sniper Rifle
Gold in EquinoxUpgrade: Sniper Rifle
Gold on Island InfiltrationUpgrade: Stunner

Contributed By: BXBomber.