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Shadow of Memories


Shadow of Memories, begins where other games finish; with the death of the hero, Eike. As his life slips away a mysterious voice whispers that destiny can be changed. Once given this chance to cheat his fate, Eike must travel back in time, collect clues and solve the mystery of his demise. One question remains unanswered, in changing Eike's destiny, will he alter the fate of the other characters or even re-write history itself? In this adventure death is only the beginning... FEATURES Beautifully designed and developed characters. Outstanding Next Generation 3D Graphics Emotionally engaging plot line Deep, existential, multi-branching story line 6 VERY different endings. Which is the (real?) future? Is there such a thing? Time-lines spanning over 4 centuries of history Mind frying time-travel puzzles... !
Release Date: September 27, 2002 (Europe)