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Amped 2


Various game enhancing cheats.

To be entered in the cheats menu at the Cheats screen under Options.

The textbox will go blank when a valid cheat is entered and make an error sound when an invalid cheat is entered.
Cheats are case sensitive

Radical80's Snowboarder
AllMyPeepsAll secret boarders
BrotherOfYetiBigfoot Character
AllIceCourses are all icy
NoCheatsDeactivate Cheats
FrostByteFrosty Jack
GetOffMyLandHermit Joe
LowGravityLow Gravity
MaxSkillsMax out rider stats
NoCollisionsNo Collisions with other riders
AllLevelsOpen all levels
FastMoveRider moves faster
DontCrashRider never crashes
MetalMaamShiny Gal Character
SuperSpinSpin Faster
ChillinWSteezySteezy the Penguin
BunnyUnlock a Pink Bunny that you can snowboard with.
ShowRewardsUnlock All Videos
BrotherOfYetiUnlock Bigfoot charachter
GoTeamYetiUnlock Yeti charachter
TrickedOutUnlocks all the tricks
GoTeamYetiYeti Character

Contributed By: flipmo, gsgreg, SANTACRUZED, AndroidCodeRed, and TheLimp.