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Arx Fatalis


Misc. Cheats

Make sure the Arcade Magic option is off, Press X to cast a spell, then enter the following series of runes:

Mega, Rhaa, Mega, Rhaa, Mega, RhaaBig Head Mode
Spacium, Aam, Mega, Spacium, Aam, MegaFire Bow
Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, VitaeLevel 10 character with 30 stat points and 200 skill points.
Nhi, Nhi, Nhi, Nhi, Nhi, VitaeLevel zero character with no runes and default stat and skill points.
Mega, Aam, Rhaa, Rhaa, Rhaa, RhaaPower Sword
Nhi, Rhaa, Aam, Nhi, Rhaa, AamReveal Map
Mega, Mega, Mega, Aam, Vitae, TeraSummon Perfect Warrior For A Challenge
Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, KaomUnlimited Hit Points
Mega, Tera, Mega, TeraWall Collisions Disabled

Contributed By: gsgreg.


Wear heavy armor without enough strength

You must have the Bless spell and Ylside armor. Cast Bless, and put on the armor and weapons. When the spell fades, you will still be able to wear them, although your levels aren't high enough.

Contributed By: nado.