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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines


All Cheat Codes Revealed

Go to the ''Options'' menu, then select ''Cheats.'' Enter these as prompted, and blast Skynet off the face of the Earth.

A,A,A,X,B,X,B,BAll future weapons
Y, B, A, B, A, X, Y, XGives you all of the present day weapons
A,Y,A,Y,blank,blank,blank,blankT-850's Fight Hit Points Increased by 50%
B,Y,A,A,blank,blank,blank,blankT-850's Fight Hit Points Reduced by 50%
X,B,X,A,A,Y,X,XT-X endoskeleton in every fight
B,X,X,X,B,A,Y,AT-X Hit Points Increased by 50%
B,B,X,X,X,B,A,YT-X Hit Points Reduced by 50%
X,A,Y,Y,Y,A,X,BUnlimited ammunition
B,B,B,X,B,A,Y,AUnlimited continues
B,B,B,A,X,Y,X,YUnlock all exclusive movie scenes
B,B,B,X,B,Y,B,BUnlock all game scenes
X,Y,Y,X,B,A,A,BUnlock all levels
A,B,B,B,X,Y,B,AUnlock Centipede
A,B,B,B,X,Y,A,BUnlock Missile Command

Contributed By: MotherBuster and n64man.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlock under the Atari games menu once the game has been beaten on any difficulty.Centipede
Walk up to an arcade machine and press A. The game will load. Now press back and complete the mission. It will now be unlocked in the special featuresMissile Command

Contributed By: n64man and gbasource.