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Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath


How to really activate 'Cheat Mode' & Cheat

This is ALL done IN GAME... There is no need to pause the game:
1. Insert a second controller into port #2 on your xbox.
2. Remove the second controller.
3. On controller 1 press X, X, Y, Y, B, B, A, A to activate cheat mode.
You will hear a sound confirming that the 'cheat mode' has been activated.

NOTE: L2 & R2 Buttons are the buttons that are directly under the Left & Right Thumb Sticks. You can hear them CLICK when you press down on the thumb sticks.

X, Y, A, B, X, YInvincibility

Contributed By: Jay FNG Philbrook.

Level Select

If you want to select your level, start a new game and enter the following Player Name:


That's copyright symbol, followed by @, followed by Registered Trademark Symbol, followed by &.

Contributed By: NekoBoyCai.

More money (1000)

After doing the thing with the 2 controlers to be able to enter codes.....

Press down on the left thumbstick twice,right stick twice,left stick twice,right stick twice1000 extra moolah

Contributed By: darkestninja.

Sepia Graphics Filter

This code makes the graphics a brownish-yellow color that's synonomous with the western theme seen in Stranger's Wrath. While in-game and only one controller is plugged in (the first port), press the following:

-- L-Trigger, L2, R2, A, B, R-Trigger, B, A, R2, L2, L-Trigger

(Note: L2/R2 refers to the clicking of the analog sticks.)

After entering this, take a second controller, plug it into the fourth controller slot, then pull it back out. If done correctly, you will see the graphics filter change. To deactivate the code, simply repeat this process. (Credit goes to Mark L.)

Contributed By: Cold NRG.


Gain access to New Yolk City's Black Market

After bagging X'Plosives but BEFORE taking on a new bounty, Stranger will have the option to ask townfolk about where X got all his weapons. On the side of the road there will be a female clakker who knows about a black market in town, and she then tells you the password.
The Black Market is located up a rope across from the Bounty Store. Go down the hallway, recite the password, and gain aceess. The store's items include: Bola Blasts, Wasps, Regen Upgrade, Stamina Upgrade, and Steel Knuckles.

Contributed By: OrdogToxin.

Secret Grubb Statue

When you complete the Eugene Ius bounty you will end up in a Grubb village. Proceed into the village by jumping across the rooftops. Turn right and keep going forward and you see a break to the right, leading to a little maze like area. Turn right and there will be a small fork path, go left and you will be right next to a rope. Climb it and jump on to the roof. You can see another rope that you have to jump onto. When you jump on it you can see a boarded up window. Break it by shooting it or meleeing it. When you enter the room there is a shiny Grubb statue. Its worth a bit of moolah.

Contributed By: LiLDiL.