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Far Cry Instincts


Hidden message

Type in the map maker.

L + R + Y + B + X + click and hold left stick + click and hold right stick + ASecret message from developers

Contributed By: nado.


Far Cry Instincts Cheats

To be entered once you've already started a game. Pause game, and go into the cheat menu. CHEATS ARE CASE SENSETIVE!

GiveMeHealth100 health points
TheWorldIsMineAll Maps
NotForSissiesdisables auto-aim
PunchMeHardFeral Attack ability
VitruviAnRushInfinite Adrenaline
BulletsofHellInfinite Ammo

Contributed By: daylightsend7, eaglesfan026, The Soul Reaver, and drewpot2001.