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Silent Hill 4: The Room


Alternate Endings

The game contains four endings that can be viewed by doing certain things throughout the game:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Disregard both Eileen and your room21 Sacraments
Disregard Eileen but take care of your roomEileen's Death
Look after Eileen and your roomEscape
Look after Eileen but not your roomMother

Contributed By: fireb0lt.

Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlock all 4 endings and Eileen's alt. costume on 1 game save. Start a new game & select Eileen's alt. costume. Cynthia will wear her alt. costume.Alternate Cynthia Costume
Complete the game on any difficulty setting. Save the game after the credits complete to unlock the "Brand New Fear" optionBrand New Fear mode
Finish the game one time and save. Start a new game using that save and go to room 302 to find the Outfit, it can be picked up on the 3rd time throughEileen Nurse outfit
After finishing the game one time save and then reload the save the go to forest world and look for the cut tree, the chainsaw will be thereLocate Chainsaw
Complete the game with a rank of at least 9 big stars. Start a game in "Brand New Fear" mode and look in Room 202 in the Apartment World.Submachine Gun
Finish one weapon modeUnlock all weapons mode
Get 10 stars using hard mode.Unlock One weapon mode

Contributed By: Sappy and Undergrads2003.


10- Star Rating

To get a 10-Star rating at the end of the game you must do a harder challenge through out the game to gain it.
Things which needed to be done:
- Finish the game before 120 mins (2 hours)
- Kill 150 or more monsters
- Colect all notes/memos (52/52)
- No saves
- The game must be on hard difficulty
(note: the ending doesn't matter)

Contributed By: supersohail.