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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect


Beat Dear haunter without taking damage

In the first 1994 level when Dear Haunter bursts out of the wall, run to where he came out of and go in there. Press yourself up against the wall and he can't hurt you.

Contributed By: Shinno.


Platinum Awards

Platinum awards are unlockable in arcade by beating the gold requirements and going beyond as much as possible

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get 36 points in 2:30 or lessA Pox of Mox Platinum-Honorary-Dead Weight
Kill all in 2 minutes or lessAstro Jocks Platinum-Amatuer-Smash 'N Grab
Hold the bag for 3:15 or moreBag Slag Platinum-Honorary-Fever Pitch
Get at least 45 killsBig Game Hunt Platinum-Amatuer- One Gun Fun
Kill all within 2:20Commuting Will Kill You Platinum-Amatuer-Nightstick
Get 41 points in 2 minutes 45 seconds or lessDam Cold Out Here Platinum-Amatuer-Nightstick
Get 1st Place and at least 22 kills before time runs outDivine Immolation's Platinum Medal: Amatuer Aracade - One Gun Fun
Get 30 kills in 2:45 or lessFreak Unique Platinum- Honorary-Dead Weight
10 kills in under 1:30Front Loaded Platinum-Elite-Group Therapy
Get 44 kills or more before the time runs outI Like Dead People Platinum-Honorary-Mode Madness
Complete all goals in 3:30 or lessLip Up Fatty Platinum-Honorary-Mode Madness
Don't get touched at all.Missile Bunker-Honorary-Fever Pitch
40 kills in under 2 minutesOh Shoal-O-Mio Platinum- Elite-Smash'N Grab
Score 5 timesOld Blaggers Platinum-Elite-Group Therapy
Stay Alive for 3 minutesOutbreak Hotel Platinum-Honorary-Fever Pitch
Get 12 coins in under 2 minutesPirates Gold Platinum-Amatuer-On The Take
Get at least 23 kill and 1stRockets 101 Platinum-Amatuer- One Gun Fun
Get 25 points in 2:30 or lessScrew Loose Platinum-Elite-Smash'N Grab
Complete all goals in under a minuteSock It To 'Em-Elite-Retro Chique
At least 34 kills and 1stToy Soldiers Platinum-Amatuer-Nightstick
Kill all within 2 minutesVamping in Venice Platinum- Amatuer, On The Take
Complete all tasks in under 2 and a half minutesVirtual Brutality PLatinum-Amatuer-On The Take
Get 30 kills before the time runs outZany Zepplin Platinum-Honorary-Mode Madness

Contributed By: KronosCoreMagi and statquo93.

Unlock items

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat 1st Story Mission on HardAnya & The General Characters
Complete "Mansion of Madness" on Easy difficultyArthur Aching
Beat Super Smashing Great Challenge, "Avec Le Brique"Aztec Warrior
Beat Cut-Out Shoot-Out Challenge "Balls of Steel"Badass Cyborg
Finish "The Hooded Man" under Easy difficulty or higherBerseker Splitter
Complete the Challenge "Cortez Can't Jump" with a bronze medal or higherBig Hands Cheat
Complete "Outbreak Hotel" with a bronze medal or higherBig Heads Cheat
Beat Arcade Level "Zany Zeppeling"Booty Guard
Complete the Arcade League match "Old Blaggers" with atleast a Bronze Medal.Braces
Beat Behead the Undead Challenge, "Brain Drain"Brains
Beat Super Smashing Great Challenge, "Queen of Hearts"Brick Weapon
Complete 'Dont Loose Your Bottle' challengeBricks
Complete League Challenge "Screw Loose" with a Bronze or higherCandi Skyler
Beat Arcade Level "Pirate Gold"Captain Ed Shivers
Beat Cut-Out Shoot-Out Challenge, "Hart Attack"Cardboard Characters
Beat Behead the Undead Challenge, "Rare or Well Done?"Carrion Carcass
Complete "Zone Control" with a bronze medal or higherCascade Cheat
Complete Honorary League with GoldsChangeling
Complete "Ninja Garden" with a bronze medal or higherChinese Chef
Complete the Challenge "Lap it Up" with a bronze medal or higherComrade Papadov
Complete all story levels on normal or hard difficultyCorporal Hart
Beat all story missions in co-opDaisy Dismay
Beat Arcade Level "I like the Dead People"Deadwina
Complete "Oh Shaol-o-Mio" with a bronze medal or higherDeep Diver
Beat Arcade Level "Lip Up Fatty"Dozer
Complete "U Genius, U-Genix" on Easy difficultyDr. Amy
Complete "U Genius, U-Genix" on Normal difficultyDr. Cortez
Complete "What Lies Below" on Easy difficultyDr. Lancet
Get all golds or higher in Amateur LeagueDr. Peabody
Complete the Challenge "Melon Heist" with a bronze medal or higherElite Henchman
Complete "The Khallos Express" on Normal difficultyElite Henchwoman
Complete "Commuting Will Kill You" with a bronze medal or higherFat Characters Cheat
Beat Arcade Level "Virtual Brutality"Fergal Stack
Complete story level "Mansion of Madness" on normal or higherGaston Boucher
Complete Story Level "Machine Wars" on Easy or higherGhengis Kant
Complete Amateur League with atleast SilversGideon Gout
Complete challenge "The Cat’s Pajamas" with a Bronze or higherGilbert Gastric
Beat Cut-Out Shoot-Out Challenge, "Come Hell or High Water"Goddard
Complete story level "Something to Crow About" on Easy or higherGOLIATH SD/9
Beat Arcade Level "Freak Unique"Hans
Beat level 3 on normalHenchman Cortez
Beat level 3 on easyHenchman Harry Tipper
Earn Bronze, Silver or Gold in Cat's Out Of The Bag challengeHuman Gun Sounds cheat
Complete "Breaking and Entering" on Easy difficultyInceptor
Complete Elite League with GoldsInsetick SK/10
Complete "Breaking and Entering" on Normal difficultyJack Sprocket
Complete "Future Perfect" on Easy difficultyJacob Crow
Beat Arcade Level "Vamping in Venice"Jacque de la Morte
Complete "The Dead, the Bad and the silly" with a bronze medal or higherJared Slim
Complete all Challenges with GoldsJed
Beat all story missions in co-opJim Smith
Complete the Story level "What Lies Below" on atleast the Normal difficulty.Jo-Barf Creepy
Complete "Scotland the Brave" on Easy difficultyJungle Queen
Beat last story mission on hard mode.Karma Crow
Complete "The Khallos Express" on Easy difficultyKitten Celeste
Beat Arcade Level "A Pox Of Mox" with at least a bronze medal.Koozer Mox
Beat Arcade Level "Rumble in the Jungle"Leo Krupps
Beat Arcade Level "Commanding Will Kill You"Leonid
Complete 'Electro Chimp Discomatic' challengeMonkey Gun
Complete "Mordecai Jones" on Easy difficultyMordecai Jones
Complete 'Sock It To Them' with a bronze or betterMr. Socky
Complete the Challenge "Glimpse of Stocking" with a bronze medal or higherMr. Underwood
Get a bronze or better on all challenges.Mr.Fleshcage
Complete "The Freak Unique" with atleast a Bronze Medal.Neophyte Constance
Beat Arcade Level "Freak Unique"Neophyte Constance
Complete "Zone Control" with a bronze medal or higherNeophyte Lucian
Beat Arcade Level "Toy Soldiers"Nobby Peters
Beat Arcade Level "Missile Bunker"Nurse Sputum
Beat the TSUG: Timesplitters Underground challenge with a bronze or higher.Oleg
Beat Super Smashing Great Challenge, "Absolutely Potty"Paintball Cheat
Complete "Screw Loose" with atleast a Bronze Medal.Prison Officer
Complete "Something to Crow About" on Normal difficultyPrivate Jones
Beat Arcade Level "Virtual Brutality"Prometheus SK/8
Beat the challenge Plainly Off His Rocker with a bronze or higher.Pulov Yuran
Complete "You Take the High Road" on Easy difficultyRobot Louis Stevenson
Beat Behead the Undead Challenge, "Brain Drain"Rotating Heads
Complete the Challenge "Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby" with a bronze medal or higherSapper Johnson
Complete all Challenges with atleast SilversSewer Zombie
Complete Elite League with atleast SilversSister Faith
Complete the Arcade level 'Rockets 101'Slow Motion Deaths
Complete "A Pox Of Mox" with atleast a Bronze Medal.Small Heads Cheat
Beat Arcade Level "Damn Cold Out Here"Snowman
Complete "Front Loaded" with a bronze medal or higherStumpy
Complete story level "The Russian Connection" on easy or higherSwinging Tipper
Complete Story Level "Time to Split" on easy or higherThe General
Beat Arcade Level "Divine Immolation"The Master
Beat level 12 on normalTime Assasin
Complete "You Take the High Road" on Normal difficultyTime Assassin Cortez
Beat level 12 on easyTimesplitter
Beat Behead the Undead Challenge, "Boxing Clever"Tin-Legs Tommy
Complete all Elite League Arcade with Bronze or HigherTommy Jenkins
Beat Arcade Level "Bag Slag"Venus
Complete all story levels on Normal or Hard difficultyVictorian Crow
Beat Cut-Out Shoot-Out Challenge, "Hart Attack"Viola
Beat Arcade Level "Big Game Hunt"Vlad the Installer
Complete "Scotland the Brave" on Normal difficultyWarrant Officer Cain
Complete Honorary League with atleast SilversWarrant Officer Keely
Earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold in Brain Drain ChallengeZombie Monkey

Contributed By: cleveakabig, wellington, B.lu4R, ZeroBeats Ghost, Icelight, MarksmanR, MattDark, mypantsaresobaggy, Giro G, neothe0ne, Kable_Ludbolt, Lypro, and Protoform_X.

Easter Eggs

Anaconda music

In mission 2, there will be an Organ somewhere in the mansion. Press the Activate button near it to make it play the Anaconda game music from Time Splitters 2.

Contributed By: GamerAnthony88.

Build your own zombie!

When you reach the second part of the 1994 level, where you are inside the lab, make sure to turn on the two computers running the classic mac screen saver. Wiggle the control stick to activate, then turn the X boxes white and mess with the bars next to them. The man in the adjacent cell will become whatever you want him to be- a pancake zombie, an electric zombie, a midget flaming zombie, etc! Mix and match and knock yourself out.

Contributed By: yachyx.