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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within


Hidden Bonus (indestructible) Weapons

At certain points throughout the game you will find Weapon Racks containing "unique" weapons. These weapons are indicated in the Secondary Weapon Display with a question mark icon and are indestructible, unlike other secondary weapons. There are five of these weapons in all. For all but the Giant Hand, you will need the Scorpion Sword. The Garden Flamingo and Teddy Bear MUST be completed before you find the Mask, and require you to backtrack along the path you would take when trying to complete the towers in which they are located. The Teddy Bear also requires you to break a wall during the Dahaka chase zone in that area. The Giant Hand and Glowing Sword, you get one chance only to find them.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Hanging Garden (present) - Behind a wall in the first alcove you reach if you were trying to reach the giant ladder in the past.Garden Flamingo
During the escape from the Tomb, find it in a small alcove to your left during the second (or third) Dahaka chase (depending on how you play).Giant Hand (little damage, instant knock down)
Behind a wall in a pit immediately after the room covered in Fog.Glowing Sword (Very high stats, also damages Prince)
Central Hall (past), rotate the switch towards the Hourglass Room. Use the new path to reach a breakable wall at the bottom of the room.Hockey Stick
Mechanical Pit (present), in the area where you fought the second Brute, take the stairs up and look for a breakable wall in the water-filled pit.Teddy Bear (little damage, heals the Prince with each hit)

Contributed By: JD Fedule.


Secret ending.

To get the secret ending, simply collect all 9 life upgrades. Then go to the hourglass room as you would normally would, get the Water Sword from Kaileena, and beat a secret final boss.

Contributed By: Megaman1981.