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NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup


Misc. Cheats

Name a driver the following (note: passwords are case-sensitive):

MakeMe Famous10,000,000 Fans
You TheMan2,000,000 Prestige Points (Fight for the Top only)
Open SesameUnlock Everything
GetIn TheZoneUnlocks AutoZone Cars
Race DodgeUnlocks Dodge Cars
Levi Strauss153Unlocks Levi Strauss Cars
Mr.Clean RacingUnlocks Mr. Clean Cars
OldSpice MotorsportsUnlocks Old Spice Cars
OldSpice VenueUnlocks Old Spice Track

Contributed By: Imsmarterthanu and Warhawk.

Unlock Dale Earnhardt The Easy Way

Enter Fight To The Top mode and edit your driver. Enter in this code by putting "The" as your first name and "Intimidator" as your last name. You will now have access to Dale Earnhardt without having to pay for his expensive Thunder Plate. You can change your name back when you are done.

The IntimidatorUnlocks the Dale Earnhardt Thunder Plate

Contributed By: Kestrel1.

Unlock Mr. Clean Pit Crew

Enter as your Driver's name in Fight to the Top Mode.

Clean CrewUnlock Mr. Clean Pit Crew

Contributed By: Meweight.

Wal-Mart Exclusives

Enter Fight To The Top mode and edit your driver. Enter the first word in as your first name and the second word as your last name. Names are case sensitive. When you have entered in the code, you can change your name back and the effect will stay.

Walmart NASCARGet $10,000,000 in Fight To The Top mode.
Walmart ExclusiveUnlock Lakeshore Drive Raceway for the NNC and Production Car Series

Contributed By: Kestrel1.


Free Thunder Plate

You can unlock Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s Thunder Plate for free by simply having him as your favorite driver on the main menu. You can then change your driver again and the plate will still be available.

Contributed By: LordofCarnage27.