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Tony Hawk's Underground 2



Under Option go to Cheats and enter the code

accesspassAll Levels
frontrowseatall movies
likepaulieAlways Special
oldskoolNatas Kaupas
bedizzyNatas Kaupas
skulletNigel Beaverhausen
4wheelerPaulie on skateboard
straightedgePerfect rails
notvitoPhil Margera
selloutUnlock Nigel Beaverhousen

Contributed By: Talatusu, gamer122000, kratz_1990, Catman_Raven, pathestar1459, bgbfflochp, and anilsmellscool.


Unlockable levels, skaters and movies

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Boston in Story modeBen Franklin
Complete Barcelona in Story ModeBull Fighter
Complete Berlin in Story ModeGraffiti Tagger
Complete New Orleans in Story ModeJester
Beat Story Mode on NormalLost Soul
complete Story mode with 100%Peds Group F, Probails 2 Video
Complete Classic mode with 100%Peds Group G, Neversoft Skates Video
Get all gaps on all 15 levelsPeds Group H, Cheat Codes
Beat Story Mode on NormalPeg-leg the Pirate
Successfully complete story mode on the sick difficulty setting.Play as Call of Duty Soldier
Successfully complete classic mode on the normal difficulty setting.Play as Imp
complete Story mode on "Sick"Pro Skater level, Call of Duty Soldier, Nigel, Peds Group C, World Destruction Tour Video
complete Story mode on "Easy"Pro Skater level, Shrek, Phil Margera, Peds Group A, Wolrd Destruction Tour video
complete Story mode on "Normal"Pro Skater level, The Hand, Paulie, Peds Group B, World Destruction Tour Video
Complete Skateopia in Story ModeRyan Sheckler
Complete Australia in Story ModeShrimp Vendor
Beat Story Mode on NormalThe Hand
Complete Classic mode on "Sick"The Triangle Level, Jesse James, Natas Kaupas, Peds Group E, Pro Bails 1 Video
Complete Classic mode on "Normal"The Triangle level, Steve-O, THPS Tony, Peds Group D, Pro Bails 1 Video
Beat Story Mode on SickZombie 1

Contributed By: NegativeZer0, 8Jinzo8, and Gamecuber Delux.

Easter Eggs

See Star Wars Kid Dance

In Boston, Find the archway on the rightside of the level, just down the street from Jeers, and head inside. Then Spine over to the higher halfpipe and then get some air and jump to the left of the halfpipe and press Black as you break through the left window above the arch. Star Wars Kid will be waiting inside the small room. Press B to make him dance! Press B again to make him stop.

Contributed By: SiR BTDM.