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NBA Street V3


Street Challenge Rewards

Once you have completed all 10 weeks of Street challenge, you will be rewarded with several things.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Street Challenge50,000 SP
Complete Street ChallengeAll Court Creator items
Complete Street ChallengeAll NBA Legends
Complete Street ChallengeAll Street Legends
Complete Street ChallengeAll V3 store items

Contributed By: MissingNo_2.

Unlockable Street Legends

To unlock the following Street Legends, Complete the following tournment in Street Challenge Mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete tournment "Biggie Littles is Back"Biggie Littles
Complete tournment "Can you spare a Dime?"Dime
Complete tournment "Fat Kid on the Block"Phat

Contributed By: mypantsaresobaggy.


Get an easy 5000 SP

Start a new street challenge, create a new baller for it(just deault stuff as you will delete him), pick or make a court, and now use L to skip all 10 weeks worth of games.

At the end you wil get 5000 SP to use on any other CAB in the game, do it again for more if you like.

Contributed By: B0SSH0GG.