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FIFA Street


All clothes

At the main menu, hold L and Y, and press Right x2, Left, Up x3, Down and Left. No sound will make, but go into Create Player and you will have all the kits.

Contributed By: yatesl.

Change Player Size

While in the Pause Menu ? Options screen hold L & Y and enter these with the d-pad.

Up + Left + Down + Down + Right + Down + Up + LeftMini players
Right + Right + Up + Down + Down + Left + Right + LeftNormal size players

Contributed By: chris k j s.


Restart Rule The Street (tournament) matches

If you have your game on autosave, you can turn off your console if you lose and you will be taken back to the match you lost without paying again!

Contributed By: happygilmore2.


Unlock Arenas

To unlock all Arenas just win all tournaments in the specfic country the Arena is in.

Contributed By: wellington.