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Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt



Complete the task in the correct area to unlock the corresponding Edgar. Once Upon a Time Edgars are found in the Once Upon a Time area, Spooky Movie Edgars are found in the Spooky Movie area, etc.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Find 125 CollectablesKing O'Sullivans Mines Edgar 1
Find all 300 CollectablesKing O'Sullivans Mines Edgar 2
Complete Explore the Blue LagoonKing O'Sullivans Mines Edgar 3
Complete See no Temple... Hear no TempleKing O'Sullivans Mines Edgar 4
Complete Home in the TreetopsKing O'Sullivans Mines Edgar 5
Complete Plunder the Monkey MinesKing O'Sullivans Mines Edgar 6
Defeat Aztec PillarKing O'Sullivans Mines Edgar 7
Locate Chicken BooKing O'Sullivans Mines Edgar 8
Find 125 CollectablesOnce Upon a Time Edgar 1
Find all 300 CollectablesOnce Upon a Time Edgar 2
Complete Bo Peep's Close ShaveOnce Upon a Time Edgar 3
Complete The Wood, the Witch and the TurtleOnce Upon a Time Edgar 4
Complete Little Miss-placed MuffetOnce Upon a Time Edgar 5
Complete Billy Goat Bridge BashOnce Upon a Time Edgar 6
Complete Enter the DragonOnce Upon a Time Edgar 7
Locate Chicken BooOnce Upon a Time Edgar 8
Find 125 CollectablesSpooky Movie Edgar 1
Find all 300 CollectablesSpooky Movie Edgar 2
Complete Exorcise in the Front GardenSpooky Movie Edgar 3
Complete Puzzle Cube ConundrumSpooky Movie Edgar 4
Complete Ghoulish Fountain FrolicsSpooky Movie Edgar 5
Complete Here comes the Bride... She's AliveSpooky Movie Edgar 6
Complete Crypt-ic Bone SearchSpooky Movie Edgar 7
Locate Chicken BooSpooky Movie Edgar 8
Find 125 CollectablesThe Epic Edgar 1
Find all 300 CollectablesThe Epic Edgar 2
Complete Fill Cleo's Bath? My Ass!The Epic Edgar 3
Complete Hot Dates With a SoldierThe Epic Edgar 4
Complete Slave State, RetaliateThe Epic Edgar 5
Complete Riddle in the BathhouseThe Epic Edgar 6
Complete Chariot ChampionshipThe Epic Edgar 7
Locate Chicken BooThe Epic Edgar 8
Find 125 CollectablesWarner Film Lot Edgar 1
Find all 300 CollectablesWarner Film Lot Edgar 2
Collect all 6 script pagesWarner Film Lot Edgar 3
Defeat C. C. DevilleWarner Film Lot Edgar 4
Locate Chicken BooWarner Film Lot Edgar 5
Find 125 CollectablesYe Old West Edgar 1
Find all 300 CollectablesYe Old West Edgar 2
Complete Moody Clan Round UpYe Old West Edgar 3
Complete Down the TracksYe Old West Edgar 4
Complete Reservation Rain DanceYe Old West Edgar 5
Complete Horse Shoe ShenanigansYe Old West Edgar 6
Complete Bucking ChampionYe Old West Edgar 7
Locate Chicken BooYe Old West Edgar 8

Contributed By: Mikeaspike.