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The Suffering: Ties That Bind


Characters, items, and other features

Hold the Left and Right Triggers and X simultaneously, and then press the fallowing buttons on the d-pad

Arsenaldown, right, up, left, right, A, left, left, right, right, A, down, up, left, right, A
Super Bad Assdown, up, down, left, right, left, A, up, left, up, left, down, right, up, right, down, left, A, down, down, down, A, A
Full Healthdown,down,down,A,up,up,down,up,A
Molotov Cocktailsdown,down,down,up,up,up
Zero Blooddown,up,right,left
Max Evil Repleft,down,left,down,left,down,A
Minus 50 Repleft,left,down,up
Full Ammo Current Throwleft,left,down,up,right,left,right,right,A
Shotgun and Ammoleft,left,left,down,down,down
All Mapsleft,right,down,right,A,left,up,left
All Notesright,left,up,left,A,right,right,down,right
Full Ammo Current Weaponright,right,down,up,left,right,left,left,A
Full Insanityright,right,right,A,left,left,right,left,A
Full Bottlesright,right,up,up,A,left,right,A,right,up,right,A
Full Bloodup,down,left,right
Full Flashlightup,left,down,right,up,right,down,left,A
Max Good Repup,right,up,right,up,right,A
Plus 50 Repup,up,right,up

Contributed By: GaMeWhIz00945.

Suffering Cheat Codes

Enter the button combinations while playing a game. If you enter the code correctly, you'll see a message.

Hold L+R+X and press Left, Right, Down, Right, A Left, Up, LeftAll Maps
While playing, hold down L, R, and X and press down, up, right, leftClean Torque
Hold L+R+X and press Left, Left, A, Right, Right, A, Up, Up, A, Down, Down, ADream State
Hold L+R+X and press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, AFull Flashlight
Hold L+R+X and press DOWN(3), A, UP(2), DOWN, UP, A.Full Health
While playing, hold down L, R, and X and press right (3), left (3)Grenades
Hold L+R+X and press LEFT(2), DOWN, UP.Increase Evil Karma
Hold L+R+X and press UP(2), RIGHT, UP.Increase Good Karma
During gameplay hold L and R and X then press Down, Up, Down, Up.Invincibility (Turns off in Insanity Mode)
While playing playing, hold down L, R, and X and press left, down, left, down, left, down, AMaximum Evil Karma
While playing, hold down L, R, and X and press up, right, up, right, up right, AMaximum Good Karma
Hold L+R+X and press Down, Down, Down, DownSuicide

Contributed By: happyguy101, pinhead, Master_Shake_X2, and Gyral.

Easter Eggs

Designer's Room

(This doesn't work in the German/Censored version.) - Escape the Drowning Pool. - Transition to the Slums (the second-to-the-last level in the game) - Destroy all Mainliner Needles in the building, then... - Destroy the Slayer head on the shelf at the front door - Destroy the Slayer head in the desk near the TV - Destroy the Slayer head in the desk near the Hellmouth - Once done, a doorway appears near the Hellmouth - Enter it to be teleported to a secret room: Lead Designer's office: - A co-worker is dead under the window. - On the ground is a bloody guitar. - Inspect the Lead's body at the desk. - He wake up and screams, causing his head to explode. - The telephone rings... answer it and a patient of Killjoy will talk. - Exit through the doorway to return.

Contributed By: alzagor.

Kool-Aid Man (Captain Carafe)

Do the following and a Kool-Aid type character called Captain Carafe will appear, giving you the opportunity to get the Swizzle Stick weapon. He was originally the Kool-Aid man, but due to potential copyright issues was changed to Captain Carafe in memory of all the Sangria's the team had just around the corner at Bandoleone in Fremont! IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't go near the Pawn Shop's back door first or you won't be able to get back in! - When you leave Torque's apartment at the beginning of the game, find the Pawn Shop. - A cinematic will start and the man inside will be shot. - Enter the bathroom room: -- turn on the light, -- turn on the sink, -- quickly flush the toilet 3x, -- turn off the sink, -- turn off the light. - Return to the shop. In the corner behind some televisions a small swizzle stick will appear. - Destroy it and continue as usual by exiting the Pawn Shop. - When you reach the point where the Slayer will burst through the wall, Captain Carafe will appear. - Wait until he starts to attack you. - Destrop him and the Swizzle Stick weapon will be dropped by it!

Contributed By: alzagor.