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Indigo Prophecy


Never Lose Bonus Points

To do this trick simply buy anything from the Bonus section until you dont have enough points to buy what you want. Leave the bonus section, and then load any of your gamesaves.

Once loaded and BEFORE the game autosaves bring up your PDA. You should notice that the amount of points being displayed is what you had before you purchased anything.

Exit your PDA and then get the game to autosave, and then head for the Bonus section once again, and you will have whatever amount of points you had before you purchased anything, meaning you haven't lost any points.

Contributed By: JAY007.

Unlimmited Bonus Points

Once you complete the game with an ending that distributes bonus points, watch the entire ending (including credits) again by selecting it from the Chapters menu to receive the bonus points as many times as you need.

Contributed By: Harvest Master.