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The Warriors


Armies Of The Night Code

Enter this code while playing Armies Of The Night.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, RightGet 99 credits in Armies Of The Night

Contributed By: Blu3Vip3rLM.

Cheat Codes

Enter the following cheat codes during gameplay

Black, Click Left Thumbstick, R, A, Down, R$200, Flash and Spraypaint
R, Back, X, Down, L, Right100% Completion
B, B, Down, Click Left Thumbstick, L, BBum Advice Upgrade
Down, X, A, Back, Black, LeftComplete Mission
X, Click Left Thumbstick, Down, Down, R, RGet Bat
Down, Down, Back, Up, Up, WhiteGet Knife
R, A, Black, Black, Back, Click Left ThumbstickGet Machete
Click Left Thumbstick, B, Back, Up, R, RightGet Pipe
White, White, B, Up, B, BackGet Unbreakable Bat
Up, Y, White, Back, A, LInfinite Health
X, B, Y, Back, A, LeftInfinite Rage
Down, X, Left, A, R, BackInfinite Sprint
Up, Back, A, Y, Y, BLose the Police
B, B, B, R, Back, YUnlock brass knuckles
A, R, Down, X, Up, AUnlock Combat Stamina Upgrade
Up, A, Up, Back, White, RUnlock Cuff Drops
Left, A, A, Click Left Thumbstick, R, DownUnlock Cuff Key Drops
L, A, Click Left Thumbstick, R, R, BUnlock Flash Capacity upgrade
Down, Left, Up, Up, X, RightUnlock Flash Upgrade
Black, Black, R, Black, R, UpUnlock Hobo Alliance
L, Back, Back, Back, Back, YUnlock Sprint Stamina Upgrade
Click Right Thumbstick, Click Left Thumbstick, Black, White, L, RUnlock steel-toe boots
Y, Y, Y, Back, Y, BlackUnlock Uncuff self
Right, Black, B, A, Back, XUnlock Weapons Dealer

Contributed By: Phoenix9588 and sivolev.


Play as the Baseball Furies

Beat the game once on Hardcore Soldier. This will unlock "Unleash the Fury" difficulty, where you play as the Baseball Furies with bats and all.

Contributed By: One51Dreamer.

Unlock Gangs & Area's in Rumble Mode

Complete in-game Tag's, Side Missions etc.
Otherwise you don't get the Soldiers, Arena's etc...

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete #4-BlackoutBaseball Furies & Baseball Field Arena
Complete Flashback Mission B The BestEliminators, King of The Hill minigame & Flashback Warriors
Complete #6-Writers BlockHi-Hats & Burner Battle Mini-Game
Complete #7-Adios AmigoHurricanes, Broken Arpartments Area & Pool Room Area
Complete #13-All CityMoonrunners & New Area
Beat the game 100%More Flashback Warriors/Spray,Flash,Knife dealers, Movie soldiers, Spanish Harlem civillians and all other soldiers...
Complete #15-No Permits, No ParleyMore Other Soldiers
Complete #16-Home RunMore Other Soldiers & Rotunda Area
Complete #8-EncoreMore soldiers for Hi-Hats& Coney Amusement Area
Complete #9-Payin' The CostMore Soldiers for The Destroyers
Complete #10-DestroyedMore Soldiers for The Destroyers & The Shack area
Complete #2-Real Life BunchMore soldiers for The Warriors
Complete #17-Friendly FacesPunks, Lizzies & Subway Toilets Area
Complere #18-Come Out And PlayRougues
Complete Flashback Mission D Scouts HonourSavage Huns
Complete #12-Set UpSeracens, Jones Street Boy's & New Area
Complete #3-PaybackThe Destroyers
Complete #5-Real Heavy RepThe Orphans & The Orphanage Area
Complete #14-Desperate DudesThe Riffs & New Area
Complete the first missionThe Warriors
Complete #11-Boy's In BlueTurnbull AC's

Contributed By: DA_WARRIORS.

Unlock Warriors arcade machine

Complete the game once and beat all of the flashback missions and it will appear in your hangout.

Contributed By: locdog517.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the whole game on any difficultyArmys Of The Night
Complete #A Flashback MissionBattle Le Royal Mini-Game
Complete Side-Mission - Beat up gangsters on your Turf #1Brass Knuckles
Complete #6 Writers BlockBurner Battle Mini-Game
Complete #2-Real Life BunchConey turf
Complete Side mission - How Many Flash Can You Take?East Coney Turf
Complete the Whole game at Hardcore Soldier difficulty(Play as Furies with baseball bats etc...)Fury-Mode
Complete Side mission - How Many Flash Can You Take?Increased Flash Capicity
Complete #B Flashback MissionKing of The Hill Mini-Game
Complete side-mission - Rip-Off DealersKnife Dealers
Complete side-mission Beat Up gansters on your turf #3Steel toed Shoes
Complete #2-Real Life BunchWarriors Hangout

Contributed By: DA_WARRIORS.