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TOCA Race Driver 3


Codes for 1498

Go to options,then bonus and enter bonus codes.Enther these codes:

UCFMFERXPPFE3Unlock all cutscenes.
CQGBVF4KAKL8AUnlock Honda:Power of Dreams challenge.
88LUCEKX18EBCUnlock Turbo

Contributed By: DaggetIsBack.

Codes for 2945

Go to options then bonus. Select unlocking information and if your unlocking code is 2945 enter the following cheats.

A0AERR56V7TF4Boost for all cars
6H61G288KBVP5Invincible cars
9BDLAD4ETGQ77Unlick bonus championships
X78YU8VLFXB1GUnlock championships
HXDDAWA94C3B4Unlock slot racer
E1WNYA9YW3K25Unlock toy cars

Contributed By: Xuande12.

Codes for 4442

07UG1MV2VFDH9Cutscenes Unlocked
3ALD841YEYT0FHonda Championship Unlocked
00282L6Q9XET0Turbo Boost Unlocked

Contributed By: alxbly.

Codes for 4879

E1HG63T28KK71Turbo boost
YDQ7QY1WFM482Unlock cutscenes

Contributed By: ne14_pintage.

Codes for 5354

At the cheats screen, enter the following codes.

NBWQV0621K46ABoost for all cars
5TP0CEX1RUFX3Invincible cars
GFHJFVDMV9Y76Turbo for all cars
4YTND1RWFQ679Unlock bonus championships
1QYERGJN8BDR4Unlock championships
L98W1PNNDFXFHUnlock cutscenes
5E3V106QGHCE8Unlock slot racer
UX4Q0T9JX2JQ2Unlock toy cars

Contributed By: calzonicus.

Codes For Unlock Code 5443

Enter at bonus screen

RKYL1G99BUQ4CUnlock Honda Championship

Contributed By: patrick_richard.

TOCA Race Driver 3 Passwords

If your unlocking code is 9263 go to options then bonus. Select unlocking information enter the following cheats.

GFFTFEM45V92DTurbo-Boost Jump
0EXYH6P1BAWD4Unlock cutscenes
3EBJGFUTM0WT4Unlock Honda Championship

Contributed By: vindog800.

Unlock Honda Championship (8867)

Unlock Honda Championship (8867)LH76NGAXU2KEA

Contributed By: Larcen Tyler.

Unlocks Honda Championship (6939)

Honda Championship9WK5MCOUVDAA8

Contributed By: gamerfreak345.


Additional Championships

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Have a Race Driver 2 Save on your XBox.Class A 4WD Track Challenge

Contributed By: Robert Wagner.