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Star Wars: Battlefront II


Single Player Codes

During the game, pause and enter the following button combinations on the D-Pad

U, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, D, L, RInfinite Ammo
U, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L, RInvincibility
D, D, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L, RLo-Res Soldiers
U, U, U, U, L, U, U, D, L, D, U, U, L, RNo HUD
U, D, L, D, L, RParty Time Hit Effects
U, U, U, L, U, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, D, D, L, R,Slo-Mo Sound Effects

Contributed By: Stevis.


Easier Award Medals

On the Elite difficulty award medals are easier to receive by 25%. For instance the Demolition award will be awarded after 3 critical hits on a vehicle instead of the normal 4. However, the enemies will be harder. If you first play the game on elite, then switch to normal difficulty again, the game will glitch and the 25% elite bonus will remain on normal difficulty.

Contributed By: Freakazoidian.

Force Combo

This only works while playing as the Emperor or Count Dooku. Execute a Force Choke against the enemy, then while still holding the trigger press the Switch Secondary button to change to Force Lightning. The lightning will go off while you are still choking them and they will take damage from both while you'll only spend the energy required for one. This can work with other combinations as well such as the lightsaber throw.

Contributed By: strider beta.

Walking on the outside of your ship in space

This glitch I found by accident. All that is required to perform this is a small fighter as it is harder to do it with larger ones.When you get into the fighter take off at full speed but without boost and press A right when you touch the forcefield. If done correctly your fighter should land outside the forcefield allowing you to get out and walk around the outside of the ship. Don't walk off the ship though or you will fall for a while and die.

Contributed By: snlcochrane.


Special Units

Get the amount of points to unlock the corresponding unit.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
8 pointsBothan Spy
8 pointsClone Commander
12 pointsDark Trooper
12 pointsDroidika
8 pointsImperial Officer
12 pointsJet Trooper
8 pointsMagnaguard
12 pointsWookie Warrior

Contributed By: nado.

Unlockable Medals and Award Weapons

You start off with all your medals at 0. This is Green status.

To unlock an award weapon for a specific medal you must first gain 4 medals in that category to achieve Veteran status for that medal. Then when you successfully obtain the medal you will gain your award weapon. You must switch to it to use it.

Veteran status allows you to gain an award weapon and also gives you a 30 second grace period in which if you die, you will respawn with the award weapon. If you die after this 30 second grace period, you have to earn the medal/weapon again.

Elite Status gives you the advantage of lowering the requirement for that particular medal by 25% e.g. Elite status in Frenzy will let you gain the Frenzy award with only 9 kills instead of 12, therefore making it easier to gain.

Legendary Status allows you to permanently unlock the Award for that medal. You still start with the default weapon and must switch to the Award Weapon after entering combat.

Heroes cannot obtain medals, except in the case of the Mos Eisley Assault level, where you can earn Endurance, Guardian and War Hero.

These are all gained in Single Player mode. Can only be used on XBL if the server allows it.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Obtain 4 critical hits on a vehicle in one lifeDemolition : Unlocks Guided Rockets
Obtain 32 medals of that typeElite Status for <insert medal name here>
Obtain 12 points in one lifeEndurance: Unlocks Energy Regeneration Bonus
Obtain 12 kills with the blaster rifle in one lifeFrenzy : Unlocks Award Rifle
Obtain 24 points in one lifeGuardian: Unlocks Damage Reduction Bonus
Obtain 6 kills with blaster pistol in one life.Gunslinger : Unlocks Precision Pistol
Obtain 64 medals of that typeLegendary Status for <insert medal name here>
Obtain 6 headshots with a sniper rifle in one lifeMarksman: Unlocks Beam Rifle
Obtain 8 kills with a shotgun in one lifeRegulator: Unlocks Flechette Shotgun
Slice an enemy vehicle in one life(with fusion cutter)Technician : Unlocks Vehicle Regeneration
Obtain 4 medals of that typeVeteran Status for <insert medal name here>
Obtain 36 points in one lifeWar Hero: Unlocks Damage Increase Bonus

Contributed By: Nick2412.