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Crash Tag Team Racing



At the title screen, press and hold L and R, then enter the code. A chime will sound if entered correctly.

A, B, B, XChicken-Headed Characters
A, X, Y, BDisable HUD
X, B, X, BJapanese Version
A, B, B, AOne Hit Knockouts
B, B, Y, YRemove Maximum Top Speed On Cars
B, B, Y, XToy Block Cars

Contributed By: Llamaman2.


Baby Crash Outfit

Collect all the Die-O-Ramas to unlock the Baby Crash outfit.

Contributed By: FireImps87.

Better weapons

Buy these at Midway.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Spend 500 coinsSecond level weapons
Spend 1 Power CrystalThird level weapons

Contributed By: nado.

Unlock characters

Give the character you are unlocking the following items at Midway.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
2,500 coinsCrunch Bandicoot
Green PlutoniumN. Gin
The keysNina Cortex
One power crystalPasadena Opossum
One power crystalVon Clutch

Contributed By: nado.

Unlockable costumes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Go to Cortex on Mystery Island, body-slam the switch to raise the owl lamp, and enter the cave. Go to the right, talk to the drone, give him 2k coins.Evil Crash costume
Talk to the Astro Land employee near the stunt area, and give him 4,000 coins.Skeleton Crash costume

Contributed By: nado.