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Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3



Enter the credits game and start hitting the OPPOSITE of what's on-screen. Left arrows? Hit right. Up? Down. Up-Down jump? Left-Right. Keep doing this for a few seconds until you hear audience applause.

Contributed By: TimberWolf Mclaren.


Extra Dancers

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all of B's puzzle pieces in quest modeB'
Collect all honey's puzzle pieces in quest modeHoney

Contributed By: RyogaTELB.

Unlockable songs

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get 95,000,000 points on any song with a difficulty of 9+Briilliant R.E.D
Get an AA on jelly kiss(Midihead's SMAK Mix) and Raise Your Hands on all difficultiesColors(Midihead's Sapphire Mix)
Beat Rock-a-billy Willy on all three difficultiesDanca de Yuka
Play BREAK DOWN! and Firefly and get an A or higherever snow
Get 40 O.K. on freeze arrows in any songFrozen Ray (DIRTYHERTZ Mix)
Get an AA or higher on bag, (SAKURA), and The legend of MAX on HeavyGUIDECCA
Get an A on Carnival Day, Sunflower Girl, and Candy Star on all difficulties.Himawari
play the game in the credits and get a high score of over 400,000insaner
Play 10 songsJelly Kiss (Midihead's SMAK Mix)
Get a AA on any song.Love This Feelin' (Zonk Remix)
Get an A or higher on e-motion, Miracle Moon(L.E.D. Light Style Mix), and KISS ME ALL NIGHT LONG on any difficultyMusic to Your Head
Get a AAA on any song.Rainbow Flyer
Get an A on Destiny Lovers and Daikenkai on any difficultyRight On Time
Play every default songThe legend of MAX

Contributed By: Michael Kelehan, xChemicalOathx, Vulcan422, neothe0ne, and DDR_player.

Easter Eggs

Unlock Parade of the Wooden Soldiers

Either set your Xbox clock/date to December 25, 2005, or wait until Christmas Day. Either way, the game will automatically unlock Parade of the Wooden Soldiers.

Contributed By: josh924.