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Karaoke Revolution Party


Extra Songs

Do the task to get the songs.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
2 Platinum RecordsBrickhouse
5 Platinum RecordsGreatest Love Of All
9 Platinum RecordsI'll Be
250,000 Total PointsMe and Bobby McGee
750,000 Total PointsTakin' Care of Business
500,000 Total PointsWaiting For A Girl Like You

Contributed By: nado.

Unlockable characters and costumes

Get the amount of diamond, gold, or platinum records, or points to unlock.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
47 Platinum RecordsA-Line Skirt
3 Platinum RecordsBallgown
10 Gold RecordsBathrobe
33 Platinum RecordsBeanie Hat
40 Diamond RecordsBobby Cap
35 Platinum RecordsBucket Hat
4 Platinum RecordsCat Suits
5 Platinum Dance RecordsCheerleader
2 Platinum Dance RecordsChop Jacket
11 Platinum RecordsDevil Girl Outfit
10 Diamond RecordsDiamond Bracelet
7 Platinum RecordsEnrique
1,500,000 Total PointsFez Hat
20 Gold RecordsFR-3Q
18 Platinum RecordsFunk Outfit
5 Diamond RecordsGiant Glasses
50 Gold RecordsGo-Go Boots
16 Platinum RecordsGoth Dress
30 Gold RecordsIsis
23 Platinum RecordsJoke Glasses
10 Platinum RecordsJunior
6 Platinum RecordsLong Denim Shirt
30 Diamond RecordsMiner's Cap
20 Platinum RecordsOpen Shirt
13 Platinum RecordsOpera Girl Outfit
2,500,000 Total PointsPilot Goggles
25 Platinum RecordsRetro Cowgirl
10 Platinum Dance RecordsRockabilly Outfit
15 Platinum RecordsRomeo Outfit
30 Platinum RecordsSilk Chinese Dress
20 Diamond RecordsSock Armwear
3,000,000 Total PointsSombrero
2 Diamond RecordsSpace Girl
37 Platinum RecordsSpiked Bracelets
40 Platinum RecordsStar Wristbands
3 Platinum Dance RecordsSun Visor
27 Platinum RecordsSwim Trunks
12 Platinum RecordsTaylor
22 Platinum RecordsTic Top
2,000,000 Total PointsTweed Cap
50 Platinum RecordsVelvet Supreme
40 Gold RecordsVillain Moustache
43 Platinum RecordsWhite Leather Wristbands
45 Platinum RecordsWoven Cap

Contributed By: nado.

Unlockable Trophies

Do the task to obtain the trophy.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 80s Set80s Maniac
1 Duet Platinum RecordBest New Duo
1 Sing and Dance Platinum RecordDancing Fool
50 Diamond RecordsDiamond Mic
1 Diamond RecordDiamond Miner
1 Sing and Dance Platinum Record on ExpertFeet Of Fury
50 Gold RecordsGold Master
1,000,000 Total PointsKaraoke Millionaire
Complete 50 songsKaraoke World Tour
Complete Oldies SetOldies But Goodies
1 Duet Diamond RecordPerfect Pair
1 Platinum RecordPlatinum Debut
Complete Rock SetRock Star
Complete Ballads SetThe Big Romantic
Complete Dance Genre SetThe Boss Of Boogie
Complete True Duet SetTrue Teamwork
50 Platinum RecordsWall To Wall Platinum

Contributed By: nado.