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Castlevania: Curse of Darkness


Extra Features

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat every boss in the game. Next time you go to a warp room, Boss Rush becomes a warp choice.Boss Rush Mode
Beat the game once. Start a new game with @CRAZY as a name to play on an extreme difficulty.Crazy Mode
Beat Boss Rush with Hector. You'll find a music box lying around in the warp room. You can then you access sound mode from the title screen.Sound Mode
Beat the game once. Start a new game with @TREVOR to play as Trevor Belmont.Trevor Mode

Contributed By: A Man in Flames.

Moebius Brooch.

After you beat Crazy Mode, the Moebius Brooch will be available in the shop. Equip it and it allows Trevor to use sub-weapons without using hearts.

Contributed By: Megaman1981.

Unlock the Complete Chair.

Simply sit in the 23 other chairs in the game. Don't forget about Dracula's Throne during the final fight with him; it's your only chance to sit in it.

Contributed By: Megaman1981.


Fight the Legion (optional boss).

In order to battle the Legion, a floating mass of dead bodies you first must obtain the 5th Innocent Devil, the Devil Type. With this, head back to Garibaldi Temple, and slide under the crack in the wall near the area with the four courtyards and Fencers. Travel down these hallways into the basement until you come to an area that seems to be "beating" like a human heart. Avoid the Evil Cores, and enter the boss door.

Contributed By: Megaman1981.

The Tower of Evermore

To get to the Tower of Evermore, you'll need a bird type Innocent Devil with the long glide ability. From the top of the Tower of Eternity, face the moon in the background so that it is directly in front of you and jump off the ledge, gliding all the way to the Tower of Evermore.

The monsters here are much harder than the ones found in the Tower of Eternity.

Contributed By: Saikyo Mog.