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Faster horses

When on a horse, hold the dash button while repedately jumping. If you time it right, you should go at about double the speed of the normal horse.

Contributed By: vesebr.

Skip The Battle With Hoodoo

During the battle with Hoodoo in his casino, you will notice that he is on the balcony upstairs. By making your way up to the second level, you will find a second set of stairs that should have red wallpaper on the walls leading up to the third floor. Climb these stairs to the very top where Hoodoo's office is. This should skip the battle and immediately let you finish him off.

Contributed By: J52k2.


Completion Bonuses

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock Reed's armored horse, Magruder's seven barrel Nock gun, and the Cannon Nock gun. Successfully complete Pony Express to unlock silver spurs. Successfully complete Hunting to unlock the Apache shirt.

Contributed By: happyguy101.


The following unlockables are available once you complete the required side quests.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat Hollister.69 Ferguson Rifle
Complete all Hunting MissionsApache Shirt
Defeat ReedCavalry Sword
Defeat Hoodoo BrownDual Peacemakers
Finish story mode and all side missions for 100% completion. Then go to Macgruder mine to pick up your rewards.Reed's armored horse and Macgruder's cannon shotgun
Complete all Pony Express MissionsSilver Spurs

Contributed By: Oedipus Complex.


New Game +

Complete the game and return to the starting area (Blackfoot Territory). From the LEFT of the HIGHER boulder leading up to a ledge and gap, jump and spur your horse so it lands on top, then onto the ledge. Cross the next two areas. Stand between the only two rocks in the water. Press and hold L+R+A for a few seconds until you hear a strange sound. Go to Options (press START),for a new selection - GUN. Choose any Mission or Cutscene. You will retain ALL weapons, items, and skills.

Contributed By: Headhuntress.

Secret Ammo Cache

In the Badlands, near the Hecht Ranch you should see a herd of buffalo. Near the buffalo is a dilapidated house. Behind the house are two mesa like land features. In one of them there is an opening into a mine on one of the cliffs. Go into the mine. When you walk into the mine, the path will split. Go right. Pick up a dynamite barrel behind the mine carts. Take the barrel back to the house. Go to the back of the house and set the barrel down next to the chimney. Back up and shoot the barrel. Near the chimney a hole should have been blown into the ground. If you jump into the hole, you will collect every ammo type you need.

Contributed By: Truckster.

Unlimited Flask refills

Go to Hecht Ranch. There is a small building near the big windmill. It has an open doorway and what looks like a small ramp. Go inside and there will be a group of 3 liquor bottles on the ground. You can refill your flask here over and over again. The bottles will always be there.

Contributed By: FTW22.