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Konami All-In Poker


Shuffle up and deal in this all-new title that features an intuitive interface, crisp graphics, compelling gameplay animations and single player tutorials. A no-nonsense game that lets new players learn the ropes and allows experienced players to jump right into advanced competition. Konami All-In Poker also supports Xbox Live, delivering multiplayer action for up to 10 people from around the country. Boasting an advanced AI system and the challenge of intense online tournaments, Konami All-In Poker tests the skill and grit of even the most seasoned poker players. Konami All-In Poker is the one-stop shop for five of the most popular poker games - including Texas Hold'Em, Omaha and Seven Card Stud - as it allows players to learn the game of poker and improve their skills in realistic game situations. Single player game modes include Tutorial, Practice, Collection and Bounty, while multiplayer modes are available online through Xbox Live. When playing in online tournaments, players will have the opportunity to have their profiles added to a prestigious online list of top players. Featuring unique camera angles, such as a birds-eye point of view, and training aids, such as a hand evaluator and history, Konami All-In Poker is set to deliver a virtual poker playing experience that is free, fun and addictive.
Release Date: Canceled

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