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Over the Hedge


Cheats Codes

At any time during gameplay, Press START to pause the game, then hold LEFT TRIGGER + RIGHT TRIGGER and enter any of the following codes:

Y,B,Y,B,X,BAlways power golf
Y,B,Y,B,X,YEran more HP from food pick-ups
Y,B,Y,B,Y,XExtra Damage
Y,B,Y,B,B,XUnlock all Levels
Y,B,Y,Y,X,XUnlock all mini-games
Y,B,Y,X,X,BUnlock All Moives
Y,B,X,X,B,YUnlock Bouns Comic 1
Y,Y,X,B,X,BUnlock Bouns Comic 2

Contributed By: shadowcore76.


Unlock Mini-games and Attacks

To unlock mini-games, you must complete the following amount of objectives:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 20 Objectives.Unlock Attack: Finishing Moves
Complete 50 Objectives.Unlock Attack: Ground Pound.
Complete 15 Objectives.Unlock Minigame: Bumper Carts 1
Complete 45 Objectives.Unlock Minigame: Bumper Carts 2
Complete 25 Objectives.Unlock Minigame: Race Track 1
Complete 60 Objectives.Unlock Minigame: Race Track 2
Complete 10 Objectives.Unlock Minigame: Range Driver 1
Complete 40 Objectives.Unlock Minigame: Range Driver 2

Contributed By: Mike D.