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Unlock Fury Mode

Enter Code From the Ingame pause menu.

Hold all triggers down and Enter X,X,B,B.Unlocks Fury Mode

Contributed By: theblacktower.


Secret Eggs Unlockables

There are 16 Secret Eggs to be found in the game, one for each level of the game. Whenever you find a secret egg, it will unlock one of the following items. And the unlockables are unlocked in the following order, regardless of which egg you've found first.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Find Secret Egg # 16Bonus Level: “Throne Room”
Find Secret Egg # 03Commentary - “Art Direction”
Find Secret Egg # 04Commentary - “Birth of a Game”
Find Secret Egg # 02Commentary - “Design”
Find Secret Egg # 01Commentary - “Edward John Speleers”
Find Secret Egg # 14Commentary - “Evolution of Games”
Find Secret Egg # 13Commentary - “Garrett Hedlund”
Find Secret Egg # 06Commentary - “Orchestra”
Find Secret Egg # 11Commentary - “Robert Carlyle”
Find Secret Egg # 07Commentary - “Saphira”
Find Secret Egg # 08Commentary - “Sienna Guillory”
Find Secret Egg # 12Commentary - “Sound Effects”
Find Secret Egg # 15Concept Art - “Beor & Varden”
Find Secret Egg # 09Concept Art - “Characters”
Find Secret Egg # 10Concept Art - “Gil’ead”
Find Secret Egg # 05Concept Art - “Spine, Carvahall & Daret”

Contributed By: I-M-INDIAN18.

Secret Level: Throne Room

This level is an endurance match where you you will battle round after round of Galbatorix's men in front of his throne.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Find all of the hidden eggs in the game at any difficulty.Throne Room

Contributed By: Anonymous.