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Perfect Dark Zero


Unlock Dark Agent

Beat the game on Perfect Agent mode.

Contributed By: Vash2940.

Unlock weapons to bring into other missions

Finish the mission(s) with these following sniper rifles to bring them into other missions.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
RooftopsJackal (Sniper 1)
Bridge AssualtShockwave (Sniper 2)

Contributed By: Vader1990.

Unlock weapons to bring into other missions

In order to unlock a weapon, you need to start a level that has that weapon in it, find that weapon, and finish the level with it. Simulations such as the level 0 are an exception; you don't get to keep the weapons, because they are not real

The following list is most unlockable weapons, the type of weapon, and the amount of carrying capacity that it takes up. In the second column is the mission that the weapon first appears in.

The viblade is in the room with all the laser tripwires, on a stand in the center
The M60 can be taken from a guard when you fail to get let in by the front gate guard

Oh, and sniper take up 3 inventory spaces, making them unwieldy, but the jackal and shockwave can be found in rooftops escape, and bridge assault respectively.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Sewer RetrievalCMP-150 (SMG 2)
Trinity InfiltraitonCombat Sheild (Sheild 1)
Nightclub StakeoutDEF-12 Shotgun (Close Combat 2)
Nightclub StakeoutDW-P5 (SMG 2)
Trinity Escape (off dead ally)FAC-16 (Assault 2)
Nightclub StakeoutFalcon (Pistol 1)
Lab Rescue, River EscapeFlashbangs (Thrown, 1)
Nightclub StakeoutFrag Grenade (Thrown 1*5)
Trinity Infiltration.Hawk Boomerang (Thrown, 1)
Lab RescueKSI-74 (Assault 2)
Trinity InfiltrationLaptop (Assault 2)
Mansion InfiltrationM60 (Heavy 3)
Rooftop EscapeM60 (Heavy, 3)
Rooftops EscapeMagnum (Pistol 1)
Mansion InfiltrationMagsec 4 (Pistol 1)
Temple SurveillanceMulti Mine (Thrown 1*5)
Trinity InfiltrationPhychosis Gun (Pistol 1)
Temple SurveillancePlasma Rifle (Heavy 3)
Jungle StormRCP-90 (SMG 2)
Bridge AssultRocket Launcher (Heavy 3)
River ExtractionRocket Launcher (Heavy, 3)
Outpost RescueSuperDragon (Assault 2)
Nightclub StakeoutUGL Liberator (SMG 2)
Mansion Infiltration (red triplaser room)Viblade (Close Combat 1)

Contributed By: WisePitfighter and EvilTyger.

Easter Eggs

Arena | Showdown Easter Egg

Whenever you die, it will say to press Back for debriefing. If you don't press it for a while, it will go into debriefing for you. In Arena | Showdown though, it won't. You can watch your dead body lay there for as long as you want. Zhang Li will still be jumping around on the camera in the top right. Waiting there for 5 minutes will make Zhang Li do a victory dance. He will perform a dance move every time he lands and will jump up onto another platform every now and then. If you look closely, he does the exact same moves some people do in the dance club on Nightclub | Stakeout.

Contributed By: Super_Soaker321.