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Dust: An Elysian Tail


Infinite Gold

Have exactly 256 of any Material type Item in your possession. Go to any shop and sell all 256 of that item. The materials will not be removed and you'll still get to keep the gold.

Contributed By: brad_ry.



Avatar Awards

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Discover the Truth.Ahrah Shirt
Wake up in The Glade.Dust Shirt
Make Fidget even more powerful.Fidget Shirt

Contributed By: Similac.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Defeat General Gaius...And the Dust Settles
Successfully complete a 200+ hit comboA Decent Start...
Complete the Game on Tough or Hardcore settingAbove and Beyond the Call
Earn a Four-Star Rating in any Challenge ArenaAn Impressive Display
Bug MattiBad Therapist
Hang out with Twelve Friends in the SanctuaryBaker's Dozen
Simultaneously Kill 6 Enemies with a Single BombBlue Bomber
Kill 500 EnemiesBringer of Death
Successfully Parry with less than 10% health remainingCutting It Close
Defeat FuseDefused
Use the DUST STORM on Fidget's ProjectilesDistant Thunder
Complete 5 SidequestsFriend of Falana
Complete 10 SidequestsHero of Falana
Defeat Baron KaneHigh Spirits
Fulfill Bopo's wish for snowOne Last Wish
Complete all Fale QuestsOpposite of Fail
Opt out of putting poison ivy into Gianni's laundryParagon
Unlock a Treasure ChestPush and Turn
Reign chaos by putting poison ivy into Gianni's laundryRenegade
Kill an enemy with the slide attackSad Way to Go
Complete 20 SidequestsSavior of Falana
Destroy every enemy CannonSilence Those Guns
Successfully complete a 1000+ hit comboThat's More Like It
Meet HaleyThe Blacksmith of Archer's Pass
Earn a Four-Star Rating in EVERY Challenge ArenaThe Stuff of Legends
Craft an item from a blueprintTinkerer
Unlock a Cage and Rescue a FriendWait, aren't you...?
Defeat Lady TethysWaters of Life
Pick Up an Ability OrbWell on your Way
Level Up by Assigning Skill GemsWith Great Power...

Contributed By: Similac and Guard Master.