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Unlock the 10th color palette.

To unlock the 10 color first go to versus->local, then on the controller placement screen(where you decide which controller is which side) input this code: down->RB->up->LB->Y->B. This will unlock the palette for every character in the game, no need to do it twice.

down->RB->up->LB->Y->Bunlocks 10th color palette.

Contributed By: rollinghell.


Extra Color Palettes

Beat "Story Mode" to unlock color 7 and beat "Arcade Mode" to unlock color 8.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Have 25 matches in versus(online or off) end with desired character active (your opponent's or your own)9th color for anyone
Beat "Story Mode" with desired character.Character's 7th color.
Beat "Arcade Mode" with desired character.Character's 8th color.

Contributed By: Silvereevee94 and starforce_pega.

Unlockable Story Mode Characters

By completing story mode, you can unlock additional character's stories.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Story Mode with ValentineDouble Story Mode
Complete Story Mode with the initial six charactersValentine Story Mode

Contributed By: Alexplosion.