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Battlefield 3


Battlefield 3 Co-op Unlocks

The following weapons are unlocked through the co-op portion for the four available kits in Battlefield 3. If you unlock all the following weapons listed in the page, you can earn the Lock 'n' Load Achievement.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
86,000 Points93R [all]
160,000 PointsG3A3 [assault]
17,000 PointsKH2002 [assault]
58,000 PointsM39 EMR [recon]
5,000 PointsMP412 REX [all]
34,000 PointsMP7 [all]
120,000 PointsSG553 [engineer]

Contributed By: Ieatzponiez.



Finish as 2nd MVP in a ranked match1st Loser
Shoot out the 4 lights with 4 bullets in Night ShiftArmy of Darkness
Complete all co-op missions on HardArmy of Two
Beat Solomon, flawlessly, in The Great DestroyerBetween a rock and a hard place
Reach and save the hostages without alerting any enemies in Drop 'em Like LiquidBullseye
Take down the jet in one attempt in Rock And A Hard PlaceButterfly
Complete the mission without losing a humvee in Operation ExodusCar Lover
Achieve rank 45Colonel
Obtain one of each ribbon in the gameDecorated
Completed Semper FidelisFlashForward
Disarm the bomb in under 20 seconds in The Eleventh HourIn the nick of time
Obtain all 4 weapon efficiency ribbonsInfantry Efficiency
Kill the 2 soldiers before the building falls on them in UprisingInvoluntary Euthanasia
Finish as 3rd MVP in a ranked matchIt's better than nothing!
Unlock all unique co-op weaponsLock 'n' Load
Obtain your first enemy Dog TagM.I.A
Finish as MVP in a ranked matchMost Valuable Player
Reach the VIP without setting off the alarm in ExfiltrationNinjas
Captured KaffarovNo Escape
Protect Chaffin from the soldiers in the street in Operation SwordbreakerNot on my watch
Complete the campaign storyOoh-rah!
Headshot each of the targets in the gun range in KaffarovPractice makes perfect
Reach the garage without going into man-down state in Hit and RunPush On
Kick the car to kill the soldiers in UprisingRoadkill
Destroy 6 enemy tanks before reaching the fort in Thunder RunScrap Metal
Complete the campaign story on HardSemper Fidelis
Survived the quakeShock Troop
Obtain all 4 support efficiency ribbonsSupport Efficiency
Complete the street chase in Comrades in under 2 minutes 30 seconds without dyingThe Professional
Failed to prevent the attackThis is the end
Complete all co-op missionsTwo-rah!
Take down 2 enemies with 1 bullet in Night ShiftTwofor
Complete the mission without using the fire extinguisher in Fire From The SkyUntouchable
Obtain all 3 vehicle warfare ribbonsVehicle Warfare
Captured Al BashirWanted: Dead or Alive
Take a russian Dog Tag in the forest ambush in Rock And A Hard PlaceWhat the hell *are* you?
Found the nukeWhere are the other two?
Complete Going Hunting in a perfect runYou can be my wingman anytime

Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4 and Guard Master.