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Mayhem 3D

The Ranking

58.25% Overall Rank: n/a
Xbox 360 Rank: n/a
2011 Games Rank: n/a
2011 Xbox 360 Rank: n/a
Score based on 4 reviews


Mayhem is a fast paced arcade racing and car destruction game. The inspiration for the game comes from two distinct types of events: Demolition Derby and Banger Racing. A demolition derby is more of an American pastime, primarily at state fairs and the like. Participants take an old beat down car, strip it of all the glass and other "dangerous" elements, spray paint the car and decorate it to their liking, then beat it to death at the main event. The last vehicle standing is the victor. A Banger Race is more practiced in the UK. Races take place on small courses with pits and hills, and drivers are encouraged to send their opponents off course. Courses can have hazards and obstacles, and the "figure 8" shaped course is a staple of the race. No matter whether it's Banger races or demolition derbys, the fact is that everyone love to see the everyman take it to the mat and come out a victor, and that's what Mayhem is all about.
Release Date: March 25, 2011

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