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Spider-Man: Edge of Time



To access this suit in your game, navigate to the Code Unlock section on the main menu and enter the following text:

laststandLast Spider-Man Suide
coldheartedUnlock What If?: Russia Costume
twospidersenterUnlocks Arena Mode for Amazing and 2099
innerspiderWhat If? The Other Costume

Contributed By: rockstarsuicide, HUGMAN2k6, Knightmare55, and gamerica21.

Unlock Big Time Costume.

At the main menu (the menu after you load your save that has continue, chapter select and bonus gallery) press on the D pad: right down down up left down down right. You will receive a notification that the cheat was activated. Just go to bonus gallery then to alternate costumes to select Big Time Spider-man for 2099.

right down down up left down down rightBig Time Costume is unlocked

Contributed By: kyro7787.

Unlock Future Foundation Costume (Amazing)

After selecting a save game, enter the code (Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left) using the D-Pad. This will unlock the Future Foundation costume for the Amazing Spider-Man, which can be selected by going into the Bonus Gallery section of the main menu.

Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Left, Right, LeftUnlock Future Foundation Costume (Amazing)

Contributed By: Juhanor.

Easter Eggs

Fan Bonus

Start a new game with Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension data, and you will unlocked eight Spider-Man outfits in the "Alternate Suits Menu."

Contributed By: ULF391.