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Far Cry 3


Signature Weapons

Signature weapons can be unlocked by doing certain challenges in-game. These weapons are powerful and have set attachments, but cannot be customized. They must be purchased.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Find 20 RelicsAMR (Sniper Rifle)
Find 10 RelicsBull (Shotgun)
Activate all Radio TowersBushman (Assault Rifle)
Find 6 Letters of the LostJapanese Tanto (Melee Weapon Replacer)
Survive 6 Trials of the RakyatRipper (Light Machine Gun)
Take over 17 EncampmentsShadow (Pistol)
Collect 10 Memory CardsShredder (Sub-Machine Gun)

Contributed By: Amour_et_Mort.