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Grand Theft Auto V

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The Best Heist in GTA V 03/27/15
New GTA 5 PC 4K Images Are Totally Gorgeous 03/27/15
GTAV Graphics Problems with Recent 1.08 Update. 03/27/15
Watch GTA 5's Normally Subdued Lester Fly Off the Handle 03/27/15
GTA 5 Xbox One/PS4 Graphics Took a Hit After Latest Patch, But a Fix Is Coming 03/26/15
GS News Top 5 - Bloodborne Too Difficult For Creators; PS4 For $225! 03/20/15
GTA V Heists - The Series A Finale 03/19/15
Our 3 Best Moments in GTA V Online Heists So Far 03/18/15
GTA Online Heists - Series A Finale - Now Playing 03/18/15
This Team Completed GTA 5 Heists' Difficult Mastermind Challenge 03/16/15
Pre-Order GTA 5 on PC for $47 03/15/15
GTA 5 Map Re-Created in Cities: Skylines 03/14/15
Weekly Recap: Uncharted 4 Delay, GTA 5 Heists Arrive, 3DS Outsells Xbox One/PS4 03/14/15
GTA 5 PS4, PS3 Update Should Improve GTA Online, Xbox Update Coming Soon 03/13/15
GTA V Heists are Broken - Here's New Stuff That Works 03/12/15
Grand Theft Auto TV Drama Announced 03/12/15
GTA Heists is Fun but Broken 03/11/15
GTA V Heists - Let's Be Cops! - Prison Break Setup Mission 03/11/15
After Downtime, GTA 5 Online Heists Back Up and Running 03/11/15
Ori and the Blind Forest, Hotline Miami 2, GTA V Heists - The Lobby 03/10/15
GS News - PS4 Update Features Leak; Minecraft Banned For Violence!? 03/10/15
As Heists Arrive, GTA Online Experiencing Server Issues 03/10/15
Grand Theft Auto Online: Heists - Now Playing 03/10/15
GTA 5 Finally Adds Online Heists 03/10/15
GS News - Battlefield 720p on Xbox One, DmC Too Sexually Suggestive? 03/09/15
GTA 5 Heists Update Is 4.8 GB, Achievements Revealed 03/09/15
4 Reasons To Get Excited For GTA V Heists 03/09/15
GTA 5's Online Heist Bonuses, Roles, and Challenges Explained 03/06/15
GTA 5 on PC Gets More Music and a New Radio Station 03/06/15
Grand Theft Auto Online Heists - Teamwork Essential 03/05/15
New GTA 5 Heists Trailer Shows How System Will Work 03/05/15
Watch Dogs Beats Grand Theft Auto 5 in Australian 2014 Sales - NPD 03/03/15
GTA 5's Online Heists Update Also Adds New Free Roam Activities, PvP Modes 03/03/15
Weekly Recap: GTA 5 PC Delayed Again, People Buy PS4 For Graphics 02/28/15
GS News Top 5 - Final Fantasy XV Details, Microwaved 3DS and Kanye West? 02/27/15
GTA 5 PC Pictures Flaunt New Graphical Peak 02/27/15
GS News - New Guitar Hero; Batman: Arkham Knight Rated “Mature” 02/24/15
GS News Update: GTA 5 PC Release Date Delayed Again 02/24/15
GTA 5 PC Release Date Delayed Again 02/24/15
Gaming Trends That Need to Die in 2015 02/21/15
How to Get Laid According to Video Games In 2 Minutes 02/18/15
GS News Update: GTA Publisher Says Game Development Is Expensive and Risky 02/15/15
GTA Publisher: Game Development Getting More Expensive, Risky 02/14/15
Best-Selling Games for January Led by Dying Light, Advanced Warfare 02/12/15
UK Chart: Old Games Enjoy Final Week of Release Drought 02/09/15
Take-Two CEO Talks GTA 5 Sales, Evolve DLC Controversy 02/04/15
GTA 5 Ships 45 Million Copies, Including 10 Million On Xbox One And PS4 02/03/15
Free Rockstar Game With GTA 5 PC Offer Ends Sunday 01/30/15
See GTA 5 Like You've Never Seen It Before 01/29/15
GTA 5: Game Vs. Reality Comparison Images Are Incredible 01/29/15
GTA 5's Latest Stunt Video Features... Chickens? 01/29/15
Ed Sheeran Thanks Mom For Keeping Him Away From Video Games 01/26/15
Watch Elderly People Play GTA 5 01/22/15
UK Chart: GTA 5 Holds Top Amid Release Drought 01/19/15
How To Level Up Quickly For GTA Online Heists 01/17/15
Weekly Recap: Xbox One Price Drop, GTA 5 PC Delay, New 3DS Dated 01/17/15
GS News Top 5 - The War Z Sells 3 Million Copies; Evolve Beta Is Open! 01/16/15
The Point - The Patent That Gave Us 20 Years of Loading Screens 01/16/15
GTA 5 PC Preorder Bonuses Revealed, Includes Free Game Offer 01/16/15
GS News Update: The Top 10 Highest Selling Games of 2014 01/15/15
Most-Sold Games of 2014 Include GTA V, Call of Duty, and Super Smash Bros. 01/15/15
DLC We All Want In 2 Minutes 01/14/15
Why Does Rockstar Keep Delaying Games? 01/13/15
GS News - Xbox One Wins Emmy, Forza 6, and GTA V On PC Delayed Again! 01/13/15
GS News Update: Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC Delayed Until March; PC Specs Revealed 01/13/15
GTA 5 PC Release Date Delayed Again, First Screenshots Revealed 01/13/15
UK Chart: GTA 5 Returns to Top 01/12/15
Real Estate Company Says GTA 6 Should Be Set In Portland, Oregon 01/07/15
This Week's Xbox One And Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Revealed 01/06/15
GTA 5 Christmas Gifts Extended Due to PSN and Xbox Live Outage 12/31/14
Star Wars 7 Trailer Re-Made in GTA 5 12/22/14
Mary Kish's Top Games of 2014 12/21/14
GTA 5 Franklin Voice Actor Working on DLC 12/21/14
Future GTA 5 Updates May Not Be Possible On Xbox 360/PS3, Rockstar Says 12/19/14
GS News - New Minecraft Game; GTA Online Gets Christmas Update! 12/18/14
Huge GTA 5 Update Out Now 12/18/14
GTA 5 Christmas Update Adds Snowball Fights, Ugly Sweaters, More 12/18/14
GS News - Massacre Sim Pulled From Steam; GTA Online Heists Coming! 12/16/14
Grand Theft Auto V - Heists Trailer 12/16/14
GTA 5 Online Heists Coming in 2015, Watch New Trailer Now 12/16/14
Call of Duty, GTA 5, and Super Smash Bros. Top Three Games for November 12/11/14
GS News - 5 Most Violent Games of 2014; PS4’s Best Days Still Ahead? 12/11/14
Top 5 Most Violent Games of 2014, According to Consumer Reports 12/11/14
Best Reissue of the Year Winner - Grand Theft Auto V 12/10/14
See our winner for Best Reissue 12/10/14
Why "Milking" Gamers With DLC Is Dangerous, According to Take-Two 12/10/14
Best Reissue - Best Games of 2014 Nominees 12/09/14
See our nominees for Best Reissue 12/09/14
Hacking is a "Reality of Life," Take-Two Exec Says 12/09/14
GTA 5 Australia Ban Undermines Freedom of Expression, Take-Two Says 12/09/14
Rockstar Loves These GTA 5 Fan Videos, and so Will You 12/09/14
Street Fighter 5 Not Coming to Xbox One & 20 Years of PlayStation - GS News Top 5 12/05/14
The Point - GTA Violence: A Matter of Perspective 12/05/14
GTA 5 Taken Off Australian Shelves; Halo Patch Helps Matchmaking - GS News 12/04/14
Kmart Australia Removing Grand Theft Auto V From Stores 12/03/14
GS News - GTA V Removed From Sale; Grab a Limited PS1-Inspired PS4! 12/03/14
GTA 5 "Violence Against Women" Criticisms Spurs Ban by Australian Retailer 12/03/14
GTA Parent Company Trademarks "Campfire Entertainment" 12/01/14
Rockstar Games Giving Away Custom GTA V Themed Xbox One and PS4 11/25/14
Witness GTA 5's Underwater Wonders With This Fan-Made Documentary 11/25/14
Here Are 6 Water Animals You Can Play As In GTA 5 11/24/14
GTA 5 Crowned All-Time Best-Seller in UK Charts 11/24/14
The Best Date Ever - GTA Online 11/23/14
The Best Date Ever - GTA Online 11/23/14
Here Are 18 Different Animals You Can Play As In GTA 5 11/22/14
GTA 5 Patch Fixes PS4 and Xbox One Transfer Problems 11/19/14
Microsoft Gave GTA 5 Boss A Demo Of Its Mysterious VR Tech 11/18/14
GTA 5 Exec Responds To Concerns About Game's Violence 11/18/14
GTA 5 Lets You Eat Hallucinogenic Plants, Become Animals 11/18/14
Far Cry 4, GTA V First Person, Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Lobby 11/18/14
This Week's Biggest Reviews: GTA 5, Pokemon Remakes, Far Cry 4, More 11/18/14
Rockstar "Urgently" Investigating GTA 5 Account Transfer Problems 11/18/14
Quick Look: Grand Theft Auto V 11/17/14
Grand Theft Auto V (First Person Mode) - Now Playing 11/17/14
First Person Driving in GTA 5 - PS4 Gameplay 11/17/14
First Person Shooting in GTA 5 - PS4 Gameplay 11/17/14
GTA 5's PS4 Day-One Update Is 1.14 GB 11/17/14
GTA 5 Review Roundup: Rockstar's Epic Remains Most Wanted 11/17/14
GTA 5 (PS4) - Video Review 11/17/14
Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4/Xbox One Review: 9 / 10 11/17/14
Dragon Age Inquisition, Far Cry 4, Little Big Planet 3 - New Releases 11/16/14
Everything You Need To Know About GTA V Before Its PS4 and Xbox One Launch 11/14/14
GTA 5 Adds PS4 DualShock Tricks 11/14/14
GTA 5's Online Mode Attracts 33.8M Players, Heists Coming Soon 11/13/14
Xbox One, PS4 GTA 5 Getting Day-One Update With "Tweaks And Optimizations" 11/12/14
GTA 5 Xbox One Pre-Load Available Now 11/12/14
Grand Theft Auto V - PS4 & Xbox One Launch Trailer 11/10/14
Watch the GTA 5 Xbox One/PS4 Launch Trailer 11/10/14
Weekly Recap: GTA 5 Gets First-Person Mode And Destiny 2 In The Works 11/08/14
GS News Top 5 - GTA Goes First-Person, Ubisoft Pulls Games Off Steam 11/07/14
GTA 5 Getting Heists "Soon" 11/07/14
Check Out These New GTA 5 Xbox One/PS4/PC Screenshots 11/06/14
GS News - Destiny 2 In Development; GTA 5 PS3/PS4 Graphics Comparison! 11/05/14
GTA 5 PS3 Vs. PS4 Graphics Comparison 11/05/14
Grand Theft Auto V - PS3 to PS4 Comparison Trailer 11/05/14
Research Shows No Link Between Video Game Violence And Real-World Violence 11/05/14
GTA 5's Special PS4 DualShock 4 Features Revealed 11/05/14
GS News - GTA V Has FPS Mode, Is Call of Duty Smoother On Xbox One? 11/04/14
Grand Theft Auto V: First Person Experience 11/04/14
GTA 5 Is 1080p/30fps On PS4 And Xbox One; First-Person Trailer Released 11/04/14
GTA 5 Xbox One/PS4/PC Has First-Person Mode 11/04/14
GTA 5 Xbox One/PS4/PC Gameplay Footage And New Details Coming Today 11/04/14
Super-Limited GTA 5 Special Edition Soundtracks Coming in December 11/03/14
Weekly Recap: Xbox One Price Cut, GTA 5 Is 1080p On PS4 11/01/14
Take-Two Won't Rule Out GTA HD Collection, Explains GTA 5 PC Delay 10/29/14
GTA Parent Company Sees Huge Decline in Sales, But There's a Good Reason Why 10/29/14
GS News - GTA V Upgrade Bonuses; Xbox One Getting Ready To Feed You? 10/28/14
$30 GTA 5, $5 GTA 4, and $4 San Andreas HD in Xbox One/360 Weekly Deals 10/28/14
GTA 5 Xbox One/PS4/PC Upgrade Bonuses Revealed 10/28/14
GS News - Xbox One Price Cut, Call of Duty Leaks, GTA 1080p on PS4? 10/27/14
GTA 5 Runs at 1080p on PS4, Report Claims 10/27/14
GTA 5 Celebrates San Andreas' 10-Year Anniversary This Weekend 10/24/14
GS News Top 5 - Destiny has 3.2M Players, GTA makes Lindsay Lohan Mad 10/17/14
Death-Defying GTA V Pilot Returns With Stupefying Stunt Video 10/15/14
GS News Update: Lindsay Lohan Steps Up Grand Theft Auto 5 Lawsuit 10/10/14
Lindsay Lohan Fires Back In GTA 5 Lawsuit 10/10/14
GTA 5 PS4 Bundle Listed for Europe 10/09/14
GTA 5 Digital PS4 Preorders Come With $300,000 Currency Bonus 10/08/14
GS News - Grand Theft Auto Online Update; PlayStation To Get Bible Game? 10/02/14
Major GTA 5 Online Mode Update Out Now -- Here's What It Includes 10/02/14
This GTA-Inspired PS4 Is Beautiful, Totally Unofficial 09/23/14
GS News Update: Rockstar 'Leak' Hints at GTA 5 First-Person Mode 09/22/14
Rockstar 'Leak' Hints at GTA 5 First-Person Mode 09/22/14
ISIS Used GTA 5 in a Recruitment Video -- Report 09/21/14
GS News Top 5 - GTA V PC Delay Explained; Trade Games For Ice Cream! 09/19/14
Violent Video Games Don't Lead to Increases In Violent Crimes, Study Finds 09/19/14
GTA Parent Publisher Says Ignoring New IP Is "Kiss of Death" 09/19/14
GS News - Super Awesome Final Fantasy XV AND Bloodborne Trailers! 09/18/14
Why You'll Buy GTA 5 Again on Xbox One/PS4/PC, According to Take-Two 09/18/14
Trade Your Violent Games in for Ice Cream in California 09/17/14
GS News - Rockstar Explains GTA V’s PC Delay; Microsoft Buys Minecraft 09/15/14
GTA 5's PC Delay Due to Needing More Time to Make it as "Amazing" As Possible, According to Rockstar 09/15/14
GS News Update: GTA 5 Release Delayed on PC, Coming to Xbox One & PS4 in November 09/12/14
Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox One/PS4/PC Release Date Trailer 09/12/14
Watch the New GTA 5 Trailer Right Here 09/12/14
GTA 5: Not Upgrading to Xbox One/PS4/PC? New Content Also Coming to Old-Gen 09/12/14
GTA V Release Delayed on PC, Coming to Xbox One and PS4 in November 09/12/14
We're Convinced This GTA V Jet Pilot Is Actually Luke Skywalker 09/11/14
GS News - GTA V PC Release Rumors, Bungie Says Destiny is Difficult! 09/02/14
GTA 5 for PC Has Not Been Delayed or Canceled 09/02/14
GTA V PC and Next-gen Release Date Rumored for November 09/02/14
Watch GTA 4 Transform Into Watch Dogs in This Amazing Mod 08/31/14
GTA V for Xbox One, PS4, PC Gets Updated Radio Station -- Report 08/31/14
Some GTA 5 Players on PS3 Will Have to Upgrade Their System to Keep Playing 08/27/14
Lindsay Lohan's GTA 5 Lawsuit Is a Bid for Attention, Take-Two Says 08/27/14
GS News Top 5 - Minecraft Didn't Meet Sony's Expectations; GTA 5 Gets Free Update! 08/22/14
Let's Get High! - GTA Online: Flight School Update 08/21/14
GS News - Reddit Come to Xbox One, GTA V Takes Flight! 08/19/14
Red Dead Redemption, GTA, and Call of Duty Discounted in Xbox One/360 Weekly Deals 08/19/14
GTA 5's Next Online Update Brings Flight School and Gameplay Changes 08/18/14
Grand Theft Auto Online - The San Andreas Flight School Update Trailer 08/18/14
GS News - Next-Gen GTA V Will “Delight”, Sony Won’t Buy PS4 Exclusives 08/14/14
GTA 5 for Xbox One and PS4 Will Blow You Away, Take-Two Says 08/14/14
GTA 5 Ships 34 Million Units -- More Than Borderlands 2, BioShock Infinite, and NBA 2K14 Combined 08/05/14
GTA 5 Launches Double RP Event, Lets You Get a Head Start on Xbox One/PS4 08/01/14
Watch The Sopranos’ Opening Credits Sequence Meticulously Recreated in GTA 5 07/12/14
Grab GTA 5 for $30, Crysis 3 for $12 on Xbox Live Right Now 07/11/14
GTA 5 Glitch Lets You Impress Friends By Walking on Water 07/07/14
GS News Update: Lindsay Lohan Claims Rockstar Used Her Likeness Without Permission 07/03/14
GTA 5 Celebrates 4th of July With Extra Cash and Cheap Airstrikes 07/03/14
Lindsay Lohan Sues Over GTA 5, Claims Rockstar Used Her Image Without Permission 07/02/14
GS News - BioWare’s New Gay Character; Sony Supports PS4/Xbox Console War 07/01/14
U-S-A-! GTA 5 Gets Special 4th of July Update 07/01/14
GTA 5 Trailer Gets a Shot-For-Shot, Real-Life Remake 06/30/14
GTA Producer to Buy Church for Edinburgh Community 06/29/14
GS News - Xbox One promises “More Fun”, Get Ready For Rock Simulator 2014! 06/26/14
GTA Online Heist Details Leak - Report 06/25/14
GS News - PS4 Last of Us Remastered Bundle Appears; GTA V As An FPS! 06/24/14
A First-Person GTA 5 Looks Like This 06/24/14
I'm Not A Hipster - GTA Online 06/20/14
GS News Top 5 - Bloodborne gameplay revealed; Oculus Founder Calls 30fps a “Failure” 06/20/14
GS News - GTAV PS3 vs. PS4 Graphics; Do YouTubers Owe Game Devs Money? 06/18/14
Hideo Kojima Blown Away By GTA 5 PS4 Visuals 06/18/14
Rockstar Delays GTA Online Heists 06/18/14
GTA 5: Check Out This PS3 vs. PS4 Video Comparison 06/18/14
Get GTA 5 on Xbox 360 for $20 Right Now 06/17/14
Hipsters Coming to GTA 5 Through Today's Update 06/17/14
GS News Top 5 - The Five Biggest Things To Come Out Of E3 2014! 06/13/14
E3 2014: GTA5 Has a Special Bonus for PS4 Owners 06/11/14
GS News - Sony, Ubisoft & Nintendo Highlights; New 3D Zelda Game! 06/10/14
E3 2014: GTA 5 For Xbox/PS4/PC Has Increased Draw Distances, Better Resolution, New Wildlife 06/09/14
E3 2014: Grand Theft Auto V Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC 06/09/14
E3 2014: Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 at Sony Press Conference 06/09/14
Oculus Rift is "Anti-Social," Grand Theft Auto Parent Company CEO Says 05/30/14
Grand Theft Auto Parent Publisher Defends Microtransactions 05/29/14
GTA 5 video shows what a Commodore 64 version would have looked like 05/27/14
Grand Theft Auto series sales climb to 185 million units -- How many do you own? 05/27/14
GTA, Rockstar co-founding brothers squeeze into Britain's 1,000 richest people list with £90 million 05/18/14
Grand Theft Auto parent company pleased with Xbox One price cut 05/16/14
The High Life Update - Grand Theft Auto Online 05/15/14
Borderlands 2 ships 9 million units, BioShock Infinite climbs to 6 million 05/14/14
GTA 5 ships 33 million copies, as Take-Two posts record annual profit 05/13/14
Video games and libertarianism go hand in hand, poll finds 05/10/14
Grand Theft Auto Online - Video Review 05/05/14
Grand Theft Auto Online Updated Review: 6 / 10 05/05/14
GTA 5 hands out double cash, experience in GTA Online this weekend 05/02/14
GTA 5 unaffected by GameSpy shutdown; some Rockstar games not so lucky 04/29/14
GS News - Watch Dogs Gets Cyborgs; Is Xbox One Still Game-Centric? 04/29/14
GTA 5 PC petition passes 700,000 signatures, game is now taking longer than GTA 4 to hit PC 04/29/14
Majority of parents say video games are a positive part of their child's life 04/24/14
GS News Update: China reveals censorship rules for console games 04/23/14
GTA 5 jetpacks could soon be a reality 04/23/14
GTA Diaries - The Easter Pilgrimage 04/21/14
What We'd Like to See in the Next Grand Theft Auto 04/21/14
GTA 5 PC petition approaching 700,000 signatures; it's been 216 days since the console version arrived 04/21/14
Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer recreated in GTA 5 04/17/14
The Gist - 4 Gaming Easter Eggs Better Than Battlefield’s Giant Shark 04/16/14
GTA Diaries - Extreme Selfies Part 2 04/14/14
GTA Online's Capture Creator out now 04/12/14
GTA 5's online mode is the "gift that keeps on giving," Take-Two says about its monetary opportunity 04/09/14
Anti-game senator Leland Yee pleads not guilty to gun trafficking and corruption charges 04/09/14
Create your own GTA 5 capture the flag mode this Friday - What will you make? 04/09/14
The Best Games on the PS3 04/07/14
GTA Diaries - Flappy Bird Hunting 04/07/14
The Best Games on the Xbox 360 04/06/14
GTA V Gameplay - The Shaun Method Highlights 04/02/14
GTA 5's online mode finally gets Heists later this spring 04/02/14
GTA 5 iFruit app now available on PlayStation Vita 04/02/14
GTA V - The Shaun Method 03/31/14
GTA Diaries - Pirates in GTA V! 03/31/14
This company will buy your used video games, no matter what you think they're worth 03/31/14
Six Games That Deserve a Next-Gen Update 03/29/14
Wal-Mart launches trade-in program -- They'll pay $390 for an Xbox One, $29 for GTA 5 03/27/14
GTA Diaries - Titanfall in GTA Online! 03/27/14
GameStop unfazed by Wal-Mart's entrance in the used game market 03/27/14
GameStop increasing its efforts to support Make-A-Wish in 2014 03/27/14
Report: California's anti-game senator Leland Yee arrested on corruption, bribery charges 03/26/14
Study: Violent video games could be linked to aggressive behavior 03/26/14
GameStop aiming to improve your shopping experience 03/25/14
Disney pays $500M for YouTube network that distributes gaming content like PewDiePie, TotalBiscuit 03/25/14
GTA Diaries - EXTREME SELFIES in GTA V 03/20/14
The Last of Us wins GDC game of the year award 03/19/14
GameStop shares fall after Wal-Mart used game announcement 03/18/14
Wal-Mart taking on GameStop, will soon accept video game trade-ins 03/17/14
How much do GameStop executives make? 03/14/14
PS4 leads US hardware sales in February, but by narrow margin 03/13/14
GTA Diaries - Business Update Funny Moments - Become the Wolf of Wall Street 03/13/14
Buy games from Amazon? Your Prime membership is getting more expensive 03/13/14
The Last of Us wins BAFTA Game of the Year Award, Steam sale for other award winners and nominees 03/12/14
GTA developer to receive prestigious BAFTA Fellowship from Metal Gear’s Kojima 03/09/14
Politicians don't understand the economics of video games, tax expert says 03/07/14
GTA Diaries - Saving Ryan's Privates 03/06/14
GTA 5 "sucked dollars" out of Xbox 360/PS3 market, says EA 03/06/14
Epic James Bond train scene recreated in GTA 5 03/03/14
GTA Diaries - Steal One of Everything! 02/27/14
GTA 5 getting new cars and guns next week 02/27/14
Violent game makers would be denied tax credit under new reform blueprint 02/27/14
Former Mob Wives star files suit over GTA 5, wants $40 million 02/26/14
One-third of US population plays downloaded games -- Do you? 02/21/14
The Shaun Method - GTA 5 Highlights 02/20/14
GTA Diaries - Epic falls into helicopter blades! 02/20/14
Professor: It's clear, playing violent games increases aggressive behavior 02/14/14
Xbox One and Xbox 360 sell the most software overall in January, but EA is "PS4's #1 publisher" 02/13/14
GTA Diaries - Valentine's Date 02/13/14
The Last of Us and GTA 5 lead in BAFTA 2014 nominations 02/12/14
Gaming can weaken "moral maturity" study finds 02/10/14
Billionaire tech exec is "disturbed" by kids who play games all day 02/07/14
Grand Theft Auto parent publisher "impressed" by Oculus Rift 02/07/14
The Last of Us wins DICE awards game of the year 02/06/14
GTA Diaries - Top Gear 02/06/14
Rockstar more than trebles GTAV crew limit 02/05/14
Rockstar titles have now shipped 250 million copies to date 02/04/14
Grand Theft Auto 5 has now shipped 32.5 million copies 02/03/14
GTA Diaries - Community Mission Madness 01/30/14
GTA Diaries - Three Peak Challenge 01/23/14
Amazon lists GTA 5 for PC 01/21/14
10 Things That Will Definitely Happen in Games in 2014 (Maybe) 01/20/14
GTA 5 top-selling game in 2013 in US, Call of Duty: Ghosts leads December -- NPD 01/16/14
GS News - Rockstar hunting GTA cheaters; Respawn silencing Titanfall testers 01/16/14
GTA Diaries - Wet Your Balls and Soak Your Cows 01/16/14
GTA 5 cheaters: Rockstar is hunting you down 01/16/14
Grand Theft Auto 5's online mode down for maintenance tonight 01/15/14
Latest GTA Online patch aims to make life harder for cheaters 01/13/14
The Last of Us, Gone Home lead GDC Awards nominations 01/09/14
GTA Diaries - C.O.P.S. 01/09/14
Grand Theft Auto Online - Content Creator Overview 01/07/14
Grand Theft Auto 5 is now the UK's fourth best-selling game of all time 01/06/14
The Best Holiday Gaming Deals - GTA 5 for $40 [UPDATE] 01/03/14
Rockstar had "huge volume of plans and ideas" for GTA 5 that didn't make the cut 01/03/14
GS News - PS4 outselling Xbox One in UK + 2013 games were bad?! 01/02/14
The Last of Us wins GameSpot's People's Choice game of the year 01/02/14
GTA Diaries - New Year's Resolutions 01/02/14
2013 saw fewest number of 90+ games on Metacritic in Xbox 360 and PS3 lifespan 01/02/14
Feedbackula - Top 5 Controversies of 2013! 12/27/13
GTA Diaries - How to be American 12/26/13
The Gun Show - Holiday Special 12/21/13
GameSpot GamePlay Podcast Episode 58: Naked Cartwheels 12/20/13
GTA Diaries - Hunting Baby Jesus 12/19/13
Carolyn Petit's Top 10 Games For 2013 12/18/13
Martin Gaston's Top 10 Games For 2013 12/18/13
Randolph Ramsay's Top 10 Games For 2013 12/18/13
Shaun McInnis' Top 10 Games For 2013 12/18/13
Eddie Makuch's Top 10 Games For 2013 12/18/13
Mark Walton's Top 10 Games For 2013 12/18/13
Justin Calvert's Top 10 Games For 2013 12/18/13
Justin Haywald's Top 10 Games For 2013 12/18/13
Peter Brown's Top 10 Games For 2013 12/18/13
Mary Kish's Top 10 Games For 2013 12/18/13
No more trips to North Yankton in GTA Online 12/17/13
Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer gets capture the flag mode tomorrow 12/17/13
PS4, GTA 5 top Google gaming searches for 2013 12/17/13
The Gist - 5 Lengthy 2013 Games To Get Stuck Into Over The Holidays 12/16/13
Xbox 360 Game of the Year 2013 Winner 12/15/13
The Best Xbox 360 Game of 2013 12/15/13
NPD: Xbox One is the "fastest-selling" console in November and Call of Duty leads software 12/12/13
GTA Diaries - Day at the Beach 12/12/13
Why Grand Theft Auto has not been made into a movie yet 12/12/13
GTA company: Xbox One, PS4 sales prove console gaming is not dead 12/12/13
Here's how to create your own GTA Online deathmatches and races 12/11/13
Quirky GTA Online glitch reveals North Yankton map 12/11/13
PS3 Nominations 12/09/13
Xbox 360 Nominations 12/09/13
If Spike doesn't care about its awards show, why should we? 12/09/13
Create your own deathmatches and races in GTA Online this week 12/09/13
GTAV story DLC coming in 2014 12/09/13
GS News Top 5 - Lohan suing GTA V, PCs are supreme + Man buys paper for $750! 12/06/13
GameSpot's 2013 Game of the Year Nominee Reveal Live Stream on 12/9 3pm PST 12/06/13
GTA Diaries - Stop Being Poor 12/05/13
GTA 5 parent company: Our competitors think about money first, but we don't 12/03/13
GS News - PS4 beats Xbox One! Or Xbox One has beaten PS4?! 12/02/13
GTA Online content creator tool leaked in new videos 12/02/13
Lindsay Lohan to sue over GTA 5 12/01/13
GTA Diaries - Fight Club 11/28/13
Rockstar offering Thanksgiving, Black Friday GTA 5 discounts 11/27/13
New GTA 5 DLC could feature casinos 11/27/13
Grand Theft Auto 5 is $34 on Amazon right now 11/26/13
GTA parent publisher to buy out billionaire's stake for $203.5 million 11/26/13
GS News Top 5 - Good Guys Sony and Microsoft + does PlayStation “define gaming”? 11/22/13
GTA 5 helps games industry sales increase 17 percent 11/21/13
GTA Diaries - The Most Epic of Splits 11/21/13
GameStop shares fall 11/21/13
GameStop sales surge after GTA5 11/21/13
Fun in the Sun with GTA V's Beach Bum Update 11/20/13
GTA 5 free Beach Bum DLC now available 11/19/13
GTA 5 and Pokemon dominate software sales in October 11/14/13
GTA Diaries - Top Gun 11/14/13
GTA 5 outsold Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, and Assassin's Creed 4 in the UK during opening week 11/14/13
Grand Theft Auto parent company CEO sleeping outside for charity 11/13/13
Rockstar teases "exciting" Grand Theft Auto V reveal 11/13/13
Grand Theft Auto Online DLC launching November 19 11/13/13
GTA Diaries - The Great Train Robbery 11/07/13
Assassin's Creed 4 opening sales 60 percent down on Assassin's Creed III in the UK 11/07/13
GTA 5 stimulus packages starting delivery today 11/06/13
GTA Online title update 1.05 out now 11/05/13
GTA Diaries - Murdering on to the Property Ladder 10/31/13
Official Grand Theft Auto V photobombing competition launched 10/31/13
The Point - What are you buying? 10/30/13
Grand Theft Auto V publisher Take-Two reports record revenue 10/29/13
GTAV's iFruit app hits Android 10/28/13
GTAV themes now available on PSN, Xbox Live 10/28/13
Rockstar delays GTA$ stimulus package, announces DLC 10/25/13
Analyst: Xbox One, PS4 to ship 5-6 million units this holiday 10/25/13
GTA Diaries - The Deathcathlon 10/24/13
GTA Online now halves money earnt from repeated missions, confirms Rockstar 10/21/13
Grand Theft Auto V Review - Southland Sprawl: 8 / 10 10/18/13
Rockstar New England working on "next version of a famous IP" 10/18/13
GTAV PC petition passes 600,000 signatures 10/18/13
NPD: GTAV leads surging September 10/17/13
Grand Theft Auto V sells 3 million in UK - Report 10/17/13
GTA Diaries - Steal The Weed! 10/17/13
Original GTA designer remaking first game in 3D 10/16/13
How to Rob a Store in GTA Online 10/16/13
Getting Revenge in GTA Online 10/16/13
Completing Meth'd Up in GTA Online 10/16/13
Being a Bounty Hunter in GTA Online 10/16/13
Aerial Western Standoff in GTA Online 10/16/13
Ubisoft talks GTA effect 10/16/13
GS News - Online gamers prefer Xbox 360, DA: Inquisition has “tasteful, mature” sex scenes 10/14/13
Lost GTA Online characters, rank cannot be restored 10/14/13
Grand Theft Auto V: Online - Video Review 10/11/13
Grand Theft Auto Online Review: 7 / 10 10/11/13
GS News Top 5 - Foliage physics, equality for ALL games + GTA on PC in 2014? 10/11/13
Daz Dillinger claims GTAV used his songs without permission 10/11/13
Rockstar to give GTA Online players $500,000 after technical hiccups 10/11/13
GS News - Students forced to make PS4s; naming Pokémon makes devs cry?! 10/10/13
Grand Theft Auto V coming to PC in early 2014 - Report 10/10/13
New GTA Online title update hits PS3 10/09/13
The Point - Should games try to be films? 10/09/13
Intel expecting GTAV on PC 10/09/13
Grand Theft Auto V breaks seven Guinness World Records 10/09/13
Guinness claims GTAV day-one sales total 11.2 million copies 10/08/13
GS News - Xbox sharing data with advertisers, Dual Shock 4 on PC! 10/07/13
GTAV overtakes GTAIV lifetime sales in the UK 10/07/13
Take-Two trademarks Codex, Carnate, Double Take 10/05/13
GS News Top 5 - Steam Controller, Half Life 3, Sex App Renamed! 10/04/13
Feedbackula - GTA Online Server Sacrilege 10/04/13
Rockstar: More than 1,000 people made GTAV 10/04/13
GTAV voice actors say game does not glamorize violence 10/04/13
GS News - Microsoft says ‘Xbone’ will stick 10/03/13
Rockstar aiming to release GTA Online patch tomorrow 10/03/13
GTA V - Are You A Cop? - Now Playing 10/03/13
Rockstar has "some ideas" for GTA VI 10/03/13
Rockstar disables GTA Online microtransactions 10/02/13
Rockstar "working around the clock" to fix GTA Online issues 10/02/13
GS News - GTA Online issues and more Half Life 3 signs! 10/01/13
GTAV title update detailed 10/01/13
V Games That Do Things Better Than GTA V 10/01/13
GTA Online Character Creation 10/01/13
Rockstar apologizes for GTA Online issues 10/01/13
Five Tips to Get You Started in GTA Online 10/01/13
GTA parent publisher among new Twitch investors 09/30/13
GS News Top 5 - Xbox Says Xbox Wins + Valve Does ALL THE THINGS 09/27/13
GTAV - Vehicle Mayhem 09/27/13
The Point - Why are gamers so angry? 09/25/13
GTAV PC petition passes 500,000 signatures 09/25/13
Grand Theft Auto V sales "extremely front-loaded" says analyst 09/25/13
GTA Online microtransaction prices revealed - Report 09/25/13
GS News - GTA V microtransactions, Microsoft claims victory 09/24/13
Grand Theft Auto V music now on iTunes 09/24/13
GTA Online to add microtransactions? 09/23/13
Rockstar working on fix for GTAV vanishing vehicle bug 09/23/13
UK Chart: GTAV becomes fastest selling game ever in UK 09/23/13
Reality Check - Could GTA V train you to kill? 09/22/13
Car Detail 09/20/13
Stealing a Firetruck 09/20/13
Armored Truck Robbery 09/20/13
Helo Crash 09/20/13
Our favorite cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto V 09/20/13
GS News Top 5 - Battlefield 4 Beta, Steam Tease, and GTA V Sales 09/20/13
Cheat Codes in GTAV 09/20/13
Feedbackula - GTA V Review Revulsion 09/20/13
Grand Theft Auto V sales reach $1 billion in three days 09/20/13
Deputy UK prime minister says GTA can have "corrosive" effect on behavior 09/20/13
Sony is "not aware" of streaming issues with GTAV PSN version 09/20/13
GS News - Dark Souls and PS4 updates, Nintendo loses an icon 09/19/13
New GTA: London unlikely, says Houser 09/19/13
GTAV PC petition surpasses 450,000 signatures 09/19/13
Analyst expects GTAV on Xbox One, PS4 in 2014 09/19/13
GameSpot GamePlay Episode 56: Try The Elvis Poutine 09/18/13
GS News - Wii Sports HD, new EA CEO, Sega buys Atlus 09/18/13
Rockstar says "of course" it could make game with female lead 09/18/13
The Point - This Video is about GTA V 09/18/13
GTAV generates $800 million in 24 hours 09/18/13
GTAV overtakes Call of Duty: Black Ops as UK's fastest-selling game 09/18/13
GTAV Hawick reference could "destroy" town's reputation, says councillor 09/18/13
Rockstar working on GTAV Social Club, companion app issues 09/18/13
Rockstar outlines user upload policy on GTAV launch day 09/17/13
Saints Row IV GAT V DLC released for free on PC today 09/17/13
GS News - GTA V reviews, Battlefield 4 and Mass Effect updates 09/16/13
Analyst: GTAV to net $1 billion in sales during first month 09/16/13
Rockstar releases GTAV app 09/16/13
Grand Theft Auto V - Armored Car Heist Gameplay Video 09/16/13
Grand Theft Auto V - Video Review 09/16/13
Grand Theft Auto V Review: 9 / 10 09/16/13
Rockstar says not to install GTAV "play" disc on Xbox 360 09/16/13
GTAV PSN preload goes live Sunday in Europe, Monday in US 09/16/13
GTAV PC petition passes 350,000 signatures 09/16/13
History of Grand Theft Auto 09/15/13
AU Shippin’ Out September 16-20: Grand Theft Auto V 09/15/13
New Releases: Sep 15th - 21st 09/15/13
Rockstar investigating early GTAV sales 09/15/13
Rockstar launches GTAV social network parody 09/12/13
GS News - A look at the GTA V map, Killzone Shadowfall update 09/11/13
The Point - How GTA changed game worlds 09/11/13
Rockstar cautions fans about "inevitable" GTAV leaks 09/11/13
Grand Theft Auto V world map leaked 09/10/13
GS News - Activision Blizzard lobbyists, why GTA V has no female leads 09/10/13
The Waiting Game - Grand Theft Auto V 09/10/13
Rockstar explains male-only protagonist roster for Grand Theft Auto V 09/09/13
Grand Theft Auto developer has turned down "many" movie offers 09/09/13
Grand Theft Auto V may have cost $266 million to develop and market - Report 09/08/13
Grand Theft Auto V features voice-overs from real gang members 09/03/13
Greatest Game Series of the Decade: Sweet 16 Rundown 09/02/13
GS Top 5 News - Nintendo 2DS, EA and Xbox One enrage all! 08/30/13
GS News - Xbox One voice commands and Nintendo bites back 08/29/13
GTA V - Official Story Trailer 08/29/13
The "official" Grand Theft Auto V trailer 08/29/13
Grand Theft Auto V to get crew hierarchies system 08/28/13
GTA V soundtrack to feature 240 licensed songs, 15 radio stations 08/28/13
'Official' Grand Theft Auto V trailer launching Thursday 08/27/13
Rockstar says Sony's GTAV on PS4 tweet was a typo 08/27/13
GS News - Grand Theft Auto V is DONE and EA drops offline 08/26/13
GTA Online - Ask Gamespot 08/26/13
Niko Bellic returns in GTAV for Collector's Edition owners 08/26/13
Take-Two says blaming games for violence "sidesteps the real issues" 08/26/13
Grand Theft Auto V goes gold 08/25/13
Reality Check - 3 Awesome Science Things I Want in GTA V 08/25/13
Sony apologizes to Rockstar over GTAV pre-load leak 08/25/13
New Grand Theft Auto V screens, info 08/23/13
Players can get high in GTAV, says ESRB 08/21/13
Grand Theft Auto V midnight launch details confirmed 08/18/13
Grand Theft Auto V achievements revealed - Report 08/18/13
Grand Theft Auto Online: Initial Reaction 08/16/13
GS News - GTA:V+COD:Ghosts multi reveal, Xbox One CH-CHANGES! 08/16/13
Feedbackula - GTA Online Angry Time! 08/16/13
GS News - Half Life 3 not so confirmed, GTA:V Online, PS4 TV? 08/15/13
Why Grand Theft Auto Online is Crazy Enough to Work 08/15/13
Rockstar North Boss on GTA Online, Why the Time is Finally Right 08/15/13
GTA Online - Announcement Trailer 08/15/13
GTAV pushes Xbox 360, PS3 to the limits, says Rockstar 08/15/13
Grand Theft Auto V's online mode won't be available at launch 08/15/13
GS News - Xbox One delays, COD: Ghosts multiplayer & GTAV trees! 08/14/13
Rockstar on GTAV: "We've considered the placement of every tree" 08/14/13
GS News - Xbox One Controller on PC and Witcher Countdown Site 08/13/13
12GB Flash-based PS3 coming to North America? 08/13/13
Rockstar launches GTAV interactive travelogue 08/13/13
Grand Theft Auto Online video and info coming this Thursday 08/12/13
Take-Two registers HungoverX domain 08/05/13
GTAV could sell 20 million units by March, says analyst 08/01/13
Grand Theft Auto V rated R18+ for Australia 07/31/13
Take-Two: "Arrogance is the enemy of continued success" 07/31/13
Take-Two digital revenue rises 128 percent 07/30/13
GS News - PS4 vs. Xbox friends limit, GTAV screens, Fez II axed 07/29/13
New GTAV screens, multiplayer reveal in August 07/29/13
GS News Top 5 - More Xbox One details, bad COD fans and GTAV PC 07/26/13
GTAV PC petition nets 200,000 signatures 07/22/13
New GTAV merchandise available 07/17/13
GS News Top 5 - Xbox One petition explodes, GTA V and PS4 light! 07/12/13
Feedbackula - GTA V Gibberish! 07/12/13
GS News - Photorealistic graphics, Steam Sale, GTAV better than MGSV? 07/11/13
Grand Theft Auto V: Everything We Know So Far 07/11/13
GameSpot GamePlay Episode 48: Final Freedom Force Fighters 07/10/13
GTAV gameplay trailer captured on PS3 07/10/13
GS News - GTAV gameplay, PS4 preorders gone, Red Dead for PC? 07/09/13
Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Trailer Breakdown 07/09/13
Rockstar hiring to bring "latest titles" to PC 07/09/13
Grand Theft Auto V - First Official Gameplay 07/09/13
Grand Theft Auto V gameplay premiere 07/09/13
Grand Theft Auto V Live Gameplay Breakdown 07/09/13
GS News - GTAV Gameplay Trailer Incoming, Wii U is "Disappointing" 07/08/13
GTAV gameplay video coming tomorrow 07/08/13
New study finds no link between violent games and anti-social behaviour 07/04/13
GS News - Xbox QR Codes, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Final Fantasy! 07/02/13
Grand Theft Auto V features mandatory install and two Xbox 360 discs 07/02/13
Xbox 360 sales will shortly overtake Wii in the UK 06/27/13
Analysts predicts Battlefield 4 sales to hit 14 million 06/26/13
GS News - CT senator talks role of violent games in shooting 06/25/13
Nine new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots released 06/11/13
Grand Theft Auto V gets exclusive PS3 bundle 06/10/13
GS News - Multiple Protagonists are the Future, Says GTA Pub. 05/30/13
Future games must have multiple protagonists, says GTA parent publisher 05/30/13
Take-Two: MMOs don't work in the US 05/30/13
Grand Theft Auto V premium bundles revealed 05/23/13
Ex-GTA developer explains why he'll never go back to violent games 05/20/13
New Grand Theft Auto V screens 05/17/13
Take-Two added 205 jobs in past year 05/15/13
GS News - Next Gen will be and complicated and costly says Take-Two 05/14/13
Take-Two says next-gen development will be complicated and costly 05/13/13
Ask GameSpot: Will GTA V Make Me Forget About Next-Gen? 05/13/13
New GTAV screens highlight heists, car chases 05/08/13
Take-Two appoints COO as president 05/08/13
GTA V for PC listed on Amazon's German store 05/07/13
The Many Weird and Wonderful Roles You Can Play in Grand Theft Auto V 05/02/13
Grand Theft Auto V: The Making of a Great Heist Sequence 05/02/13
GTA and GTA 2 rated for PlayStation 3, Vita, and PSP 05/01/13
GameSpot GamePlay Episode 39: GameSpot GamePlay - The Movie: The Game 04/30/13
Trevor - Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 04/30/13
Michael - Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 04/30/13
Franklin - Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 04/30/13
New Grand Theft Auto V trailers revealed 04/30/13
Grand Theft Auto V Live Trailer Breakdown 04/30/13
GS News - Rockstar holding GTAV online casting call 04/29/13
Rockstar holding GTAV online casting call 04/29/13
New Grand Theft Auto V trailers April 30 04/29/13
GS News - New GTAV trailers coming 04/25/13
GTA V - The 12 Goals of Epsilonism 04/22/13
Grand Theft Auto V teased in new religious cult video 04/22/13
GS News - US sales trends will remain negative until GTAV 04/17/13
Official Grand Theft Auto playlists come to Spotify 04/12/13
Grand Theft Auto V box art revealed 04/02/13
GS News: GTAV miniguns, lightning, and scuba diving. 03/28/13
New GTAV images are current-gen 03/28/13
10 new GTA V screenshots show miniguns, lightning, and scuba diving 03/27/13
BioShock Infinite creative director denies claims game cost $200 million to produce and market 03/21/13
Take-Two going after fake GTAV beta sites 03/18/13
Core business not threatened by emerging platforms, says Take-Two 03/07/13
Take-Two: New GTA every two years would degrade series value 03/07/13
Escape From Mount Stupid - Season 4 Teaser 02/14/13
GameSpot UK Podcast - Prison Architect, Next Gen Rumours 02/08/13
GTAV PC petition crosses 150K signatures 02/06/13
Gamers won't wait for next-gen GTAV, says Take-Two 02/06/13
Rockstar shoots down GTAV delay conspiracy theories 02/04/13
GS News - GTAV could outsell Call of Duty and go next-gen 02/01/13
Analyst: GTAV could outsell Call of Duty and go next-gen 02/01/13
GS News - Grand Theft Auto V delayed, due September 17 01/31/13
Take-Two, GameStop shares fall on GTAV delay 01/31/13
Grand Theft Auto V delayed, due September 17 01/31/13
GS News - Rockstar finds the idea of a sci-fi GTA 'very tempting' 01/29/13
Rockstar finds the idea of a sci-fi GTA 'very tempting' 01/29/13
New GTAV artwork shows a motorbike and a bank job 01/28/13
GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 16: 2013 - A Geek Odyssey 01/09/13
Billionaire Ken Griffin increases stake in Take-Two 01/03/13
New Grand Theft Auto V screens 12/24/12
Rockstar building 'cutting-edge' next-gen tech 12/11/12
Fan re-creates GTAV trailer in Lego form 12/06/12
GTAV PC petition reaches 100,000 signatures 11/29/12
GTAV preorders get free T-shirt 11/29/12
Take-Two: console transition will leave casualties 11/28/12
GS News - GTAV PC petition nets 50,000 signatures 11/27/12
Grand Theft Auto series shipments reach 125 million 11/27/12
GTAV PC petition nets 50,000 signatures 11/27/12
GTA V available for pre-order for £40 at UK retailer Tesco 11/22/12
Rockstar: GTA 'Hot Coffee' scandal was 'draining and upsetting' 11/20/12
GS News - Wii U, PC versions of GTAV 'up for consideration' 11/19/12
Rockstar: Wii U, PC versions of GTAV 'up for consideration' 11/19/12
Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 2 Breakdown 11/15/12
Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 2 11/14/12
New Grand Theft Auto V trailer 11/14/12
Grand Theft Auto V Trailer II Breakdown Live 11/14/12
Rockstar: Timing is perfect for GTAV 11/14/12
Rockstar could make new GTA every year, but won't 11/14/12
The OzSpot 13/11/12: GTAV, Assassin's Creed film 11/12/12
Rockstar: GTAV missions will offer variety 11/12/12
This Week in Games - November 11, 2012 11/11/12
GS News - GTA V has three protagonists, huge world 11/08/12
GTAV bigger than RDR, San Andreas, and GTAIV combined - Report 11/08/12
GTAV features three protagonists 11/08/12
GTAV stars 'East Coast gangster' - Report 11/08/12
Analyst: Grand Theft Auto V could sell 25 million 11/07/12
GS News - New Grand Theft Auto V trailer next week 11/05/12
Grand Theft Auto V preorders available for Australia 11/05/12
New Grand Theft Auto V trailer next week 11/05/12
More Grand Theft Auto V art appears 11/05/12
This Week in Games - November 3, 2012 11/03/12
Take-Two to open Las Vegas office? 11/02/12
Hurricane Sandy delays second GTAV trailer 11/02/12
Can Grand Theft Auto V Steal My Heart? 11/01/12
GTA V coming spring 2013 11/01/12
Take-Two: next-gen development may be easier 11/01/12
GS News - GTA V confirmed for Spring 2013 10/30/12
GTA V arriving spring 2013 10/30/12
GTA V posters show spring 2013 release? 10/28/12
GTA V posters show spring 2013 release? 10/28/12
Grand Theft Auto V official artwork released 10/24/12
GS News - Rockstar asks for GTA V Crews feedback 10/18/12
Rockstar asks for GTA V Crews feedback 10/18/12
This Week in Games: October 13, 2012 10/13/12
Rockstar animation unit opened in India 10/05/12
GS News - GTA V could miss March 2013 09/21/12
Analyst: GTA V could miss March 2013 09/21/12
GS News - GTAV on Wii U? 09/18/12
GameSpot GamePlay Episode 9: Out of the Closet 08/29/12
This Week in Games: August 25, 2012 08/25/12
GS News - Grand Theft Auto V - Even More Screens! 08/24/12
Quoted for Truth: Episode 11 - GTA V Screens, Call of Duty 08/24/12
New Grand Theft Auto V 'business' screens, more in a 'few weeks' 08/24/12
Start/Select - GTAV shots, Ubisoft pirates, Sony Liverpool shuts 08/23/12
News Update - Grand Theft Auto V - New screens and info. 08/22/12
New Grand Theft Auto V screens show leisure activities 08/22/12
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New Grand Theft Auto V screens, more info this week 08/20/12
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OzSpot 17/07/12: DayZ adventures, Steam sales 07/16/12
Start/Select - Fortnite Has Unreal 4, GTAV has Two Screenshots 07/13/12
New Grand Theft Auto V screens as Rockstar apologizes for long dev cycles 07/12/12
Rockstar expands its Toronto operations 07/09/12
Grand Theft Auto V release would not save 2012 sales - Analysts 07/06/12
Take-Two skeptical about Wii U for core games - Report 06/18/12
Rockstar working on five separate projects - Analyst 06/07/12
GTAV out in October, says artist resume 06/04/12
Red Dead Redemption studio helping with GTAV 05/30/12
Grand Theft Auto V expected to sell 14 million at launch 05/25/12
Grand Theft Auto V due by end of March 2013 - Analysts 05/23/12
Grand Theft Auto V launching Oct. 23, 2012, predicts analyst 04/27/12
GTAV debuting this October - Report 04/09/12
GameStop not expecting GTAV in 2012 03/22/12
GTAV likely for March 2013 - Analyst 03/14/12
Monster Hunter Portable 3 coming to PlayStation Vita - Report 03/07/12
Mafia III enters full production - Report 03/06/12
By the Book: Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto 03/01/12
Grand Theft Auto V details still months off 02/13/12
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Editors' Most Anticipated Games of 2012 01/04/12
Trailers of 2011 12/19/11
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The HotSpot - 11/2/11 - And there are dragons, obviously 11/03/11
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Grand Theft Auto V returns to San Andreas 11/03/11
The HotSpot - 11/02/11 - And there are dragons, obviously 11/02/11
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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Premiere 11/02/11
Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Premiere 11/01/11
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The HotSpot - 10/26/11 - Charting out Uncharted 3 10/26/11
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