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Sonic CD


Debug Mode

At the sound test screen (must be unlocked): Enter the following tracks: PCM 12 DA 11. After seeing a picture of Tails, start a new game, holding down A + Start. It is okay to skip the intro. Just ensure you are holding down A + Start by the time the zone loads up. You will know if it worked if you see your X and Y coordinates ticking on the upper right hand of the screen. B button: Debug mode. A button: Cycles object (while in debug) X button: Places object (while in debug) Achievements will be disabled and Zone/Act times will not be recorded while Debug Mode is active.

Contributed By: TasteIt.

Sound Test

Unlock the Sound Test Mode by entering this code.

At intro, Down, Down Down, Left, Right, AYou'll go to the Sound Test Screen.

Contributed By: bluewind23.

Sound Test Codes

Entering the following numbers in the Sound Test to access these messages (You will need Sound test Unlocked in Extras): (Codes work with both Japanese and American sound tracks)

PCM 04 DA 21"Batman" Sonic
PCM 32 DA 08A screen shot of the missing R2 level
PCM 11 DA 09Cute Sonic
PCM 03 DA 01Dj Mc Sonic
PCM 07 DA 07Secret Special Stage
PCM 12 DA 11Tails - See you Next Game
PCM 12 DA 25That Freaky Sonic One

Contributed By: RydiaFromFF2 and KyoKusanagi.


Extras Menu

To unlock the items in the Extras Menu, you must beat the normal stages and special stages in Time Trial mode with a certain total time or better.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat all the normal stages with a total time of 30:00'00 or betterD.A. Garden
Beat all the special stages with a total time of 5:00'00 or betterSound Test
Beat all the special stages with a total time of 4:00'00 or betterStage Select
Beat all the normal stages with a total time of 26:00'00 or betterVisual Mode

Contributed By: Jak7733 and Jascony.

Unlock Tails

Beat the game as Sonic

Contributed By: joshua593210.

Easter Eggs

I'm outta here!

If you leave Sonic standing still for 3 minutes, he will grow impatient and yell at the player. He will then jump off the stage, causing an automatic "Game Over".

Contributed By: xclaim1019.



Travel through time88 Miles per Hour
Finish the gameAll Stages Clear!
Destroy Dr. Eggman's final machineDr. Eggman Got Served
Defeat Metal Sonic without getting hurtHeavy Metal
Complete the Time Attack mode in under 25 minutesJust in Time!
Get a hug from AmyJust one hug is enough
Collect 200 RingsKing of the Rings
Complete a zone in the Good FutureParadise Found
Destroy all the robot teleporters and Metal Sonic holograms in the pastSaviour of the Planet
Find the angel statue in Wacky WorkbenchStatue Saviour
Pass the upper Signpost in Collision Chaos Zone 2Take the High Road
Collect all the Time StonesTreasure Hunter

Contributed By: Guard Master.