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Persona 4 Arena


New Character Story Modes

You initially have 4 characters available for Story mode but if you complete the Story mode with a character and you will unlock story mode for more characters.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Fully clear Story Mode with one of the Persona 3 characters and one of the Persona 4 characters.Elizabeth's story
Reach a cliffhanger ending with two characters in Story ModeNaoto, Mitsuru, Akihiko, and Aigis
Reach a cliffhanger ending in Story ModeTeddie and Kanji's Story
Reach the cliffhanger ending with one of the Persona 3 characters.Unlock Labrys' Story
Complete the full story for Yosuke, Yu, Yukiko, Chie, Kanji, or Teddie.Unlock the full story for Mitsuru, Akihiko, AIgis, and Naoto.
Complete Story Mode with Labrys.Unlock the full story for Yosuke, Yu, Teddie, Chie, Yukiko, and Kanji.

Contributed By: IceQueenZer0, spas_mastah, and emueagles.

Unlocking Navigators

Complete with following characters in Score Attack

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Aigis, Labrys, Mitsuru.Aigis
Yukiko, Akihiko, Kanji.Fuuka
Complete all challenges with any one characterMitsuru
Yu, Elizabeth, Naoto, Shadow.LabrysNanako
Complete Story mode with all characters(100% not neccessary)Teddie
Yosuke, Chie, TeddieYosuke

Contributed By: Nyarlathotep007.



You performed 100 Furious Actions in Arcade Mode or online.Action!
You finished an All-Out Attack with a Fatal Counter in Arcade Mode or online.All-Out Attack to the MAX!
You've earned your first online victory! You've bear-ly scratched the surface.Amazing, Sensei!
You used every character's Instant Kill move in Arcade Mode or online!BAM!
You completed Arcade Mode with all characters.Belt Collector
You have reached Grade C in Ranked Matches.Black Belt
You completed Score Attack Mode with all characters.C'est Magnifique!
You suffered a Persona Break in Arcade Mode or online. It happens to everybody...Calm Down.
You completed Arcade Mode with one character.Champion!
You have completed all the Challenges! Funky Student would be proud.Combo Crazy
You have completed 300 Challenges.Combo Master
You lost in Arcade Mode or online before you Awakened... That's sad. Here's a consolation prize.Denied Pets
You performed 30 Fatal Counters in Arcade Mode or online.Die for Me!
You completed Stage 6 in Score Attack.Halfway There
You have completed 150 Challenges.I Learned a Few Moves
You have completed all of one character's Challenges!I Mastered that One
You defeated an opponent in Arcade Mode or online before he Awakened! Now, that's a real challenge!Meat Dimension
Mystery Food X is yours! (Use Teddie's 5D until you get the curry [causes poison] and grab it before opponent)Mystery Food X
You performed 50 Instant Blocks in Arcade Mode or online.Null Physical
You performed 20 One More Bursts in Arcade Mode or online.One More!
Have you burned your dread? Or reached out to the truth?Per...so......na...!
You had a perfect victory in Arcade Mode or online.Perfect!
You created 10 Persona Breaks in Arcade Mode or online.Persona Breaker
You watched a Replay in the Theater. Are you as good as you remember?Replay Reviewer
You've aced all the tests.School's Out
You have reached Level 30 by playing online matches!Serious Gamer
You've battled against every character in online matches. You're a grizzly'd warrior now!Speak with Your Fists!
You performed 100 Auto Combos in Arcade Mode or online.Stylish!
Aigis' Story chapter has been told.The Angel
Teddie's Story chapter has been told.The Beast
Akihiko's Story chapter has been told.The Boxer
Yosuke's Story chapter has been told.The Captain
Chie's Story chapter has been told.The Carnivore
Naoto's Story chapter has been told.The Detective
Elizabeth's Story chapter has been told.The Elevator Attendant
Kanji's Story chapter has been told.The Emperor
You have seen all the Story endings.The End of Everything
Yu's Story chapter has been told.The Kingpin
Labrys' Story chapter has been told.The President
Mitsuru's Story chapter has been told.The Queen
Yukiko's Story chapter has been told.The Unconquerable
You've created a Title for your online matches.They Call Me...
You performed 100 All-Out Attacks in Arcade Mode or online.Time for the All-Out Attack!
You spent 30 minutes in Training in one sitting. Now take it to the streets!Trained in Seclusion
You completed Score Attack Mode with one character.Tres Bien!
You were afflicted with every ailment in Arcade Mode or online. Not even Mr. Edogawa can help you.u003e You Should Leave Him Be...
You have completed 100 online matches, win or lose. No bear puns here. Congrats.Veteran
You won 30 Rounds in Arcade Mode or Online by using SP Skills or Awakened SP Skills.Victory Cry
You have used all the characters in Arcade Mode or Online. Variety is good for you!Wild
Tuned InYou know the Midnight Channel?

Contributed By: Guard Master and zipher200.