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Saints Row IV


How to Enter "Cheat Mode"

While in the game, press BACK to bring up your phone. Go to "Extras", then select "Cheats". After that, select "Add Cheat", and use the following list below. WARNING: Cheating will disable autosave and achievements!

unlockitallAll Unlockables
goodygoodyclear notoriety
cheesegive cash
runfastinfinite sprint
vroomvehicle no damage

Contributed By: PA_Dude, ferrer2013, and domihiro.


These codes affect the world around the player.

asciiASCII Mode
bigheadmodeBig Head Mode
noglitchcityDisable Glitch FX
evilcarsEvil Cars
insanecityInsane City
mascotMascot Pedestrians
hohohoPimps and Hos Pedestrians
isquishyouSmash Vehicles Easily

Contributed By: PA_Dude and xDeathEffect21x.


Avatar Awards

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all open world gameplay in the entire Simulated city of Steelport.His Name is Paul
Complete ‘The Saints Wing’I Heart Zinyak
Complete ‘Grand Finale’The Saints Empire

Contributed By: Guard Master.

Easter Eggs

Loud Locust & Dev Room

In the Let’s Pretend store in southwest Steelport (New Baranec), shoot the sign that says “Employees Only” until it opens. Go down a ways past the door and you’ll find a room full of shooting images featuring the game’s developers. In a chair to the right of the entrance to this room is a small weapon called the Loud Locust. Men In Black fans will recognize it as a reference to the Noisy Cricket, a small gun with a lot of power.

Contributed By: Aeon_Jean.