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JAM Live Music Arcade



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Complete all jams in Arcade Mode.Arcade Master
Earn 20 bronze medals in Jam Mode.Going Bronze
Earn 20 gold medals in Jam Mode.Going Gold
Earn 20 silver medals in Jam Mode.Going Silver
Play a recorded jam in Arcade Mode.Jam Jockey
Record your first performance.Jam Rookie
Complete 5 jams in Arcade Mode.Junior Producer
Trigger 20 consecutive loop tracks on-beat.Loop Master
Trigger the same track on-beat three times in a single jam.Play it Again Sam
Trigger 4 consecutive bankset changes on-beat.Set Master
Trigger 20 consecutive freeform tracks on-beat.Soloist
Trigger a track on-beat during a performance.Stop Watch

Contributed By: Similac.