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Joy Ride Turbo


Avatar Awards

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win a race on every track to unlock this trendy piece of headwear.Cacti Cap
Win your first race to receive the official T shirt of the unofficial Joy Ride Turbo fan club.JR Turbo T
Purchase your first car in order to strut out of the dealership wearing a victorious pair of slacks.Victory Pants

Contributed By: Guard Master.



Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

You collected all 126 Car PartsCollector
You collected every Trophy in Crimson ParkCrimson Completionist
You completed the 300 HP SeriesCup Champion
You completed the 200 HP SeriesCup Pro
You completed the 100 HP SeriesCup Rookie
You raced 50 consecutive laps in Time TrialEndurance Driver
You collected over 1,000,000 CoinsFat Wallet
You completed a Muscle-Only SeriesFlex Those Muscles
You purchased every CarFull Garage
You completed a Truck-Only SeriesKeep on Truckin'
You collected every Trophy in Perilous ParkPerilous Perfectionist
You completed a Sport-Only SeriesSports Star

Contributed By: Similac.