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Injustice: Gods Among Us


Unlockable Costumes

Certain Costumes can be unlocked by meeting certain requirements

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect any Joker character in the iOS version of InjusticeArkham City Harley Quinn
Collect any Batman character in the iOS version of InjusticeBatman Beyond
Complete Classic BattleBoss Grundy
Complete All S.T.A.R. Labs Missions with Three StarsElseworld Flash
Beat Story ModeGodfall Superman
Rate the iOS version of InjusticeKnightfall Bane
Achieve at least one star in all S.T.A.R. Lab missionsLex Luthor's Kryptonite Suit
Create or link a WBID to your gamertagNew 52 Flash
Complete a bonus battle in the iOS version of InjusticeNew 52 Green Lantern
Reach Level 30New 52 Nightwing
Beat All Shazam S.T.A.R. Labs MissionsNew 52 Shazam
Beat all Battles in the iOS version of InjusticePrison Superman
Win An Online Ranked MatchYellow Lantern

Contributed By: badjab326, Jummed, DTownsendF13, Doukou, Erunion, IMFRIENDLY, Mattwi8, and Takusho.

Easter Eggs

Doomsday Original Costume (Non-Playable)

If you go to the Fortress of Solitude Arena with two characters playing Doomsday, and they both have different costumes on including the Insurgency costume and the regular costume, then the Doomsday in the back of the level will be wearing the outfit from Death of Superman.

Contributed By: WWE_IS_REAL.