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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3


Naruto Uzumaki Goku Costume Info Ninja Card

If you go to the Collection Menu you will be able to enter passwords to obtain Ninja Info Cards In-Game. and when you enter the password correctly the card will be viewable in "Ninja Info Card Picture"

XCHPT2M1PDObtain Naruto Uzumaki Goku Costume Ninja Info Card

Contributed By: Tristan491.


Unlock Survival Mode in Free Battle

After beating the main storyline, do a few request events until you get a letter from bird addressed to Izumo in the Hidden Leaf Village. Complete that quest to unlock the use of messenger birds. Do a few more request events until you get another letter while in the Hidden Leaf Village telling you that Killer Bee is waiting for you at the main gate. Defeat the imposter Killer Bee. This starts the "White Zetsu Subjugation" special quest. Defeat the imposters given to you through wanted lists until you get to the final mob battle against the White Zetsus with Nine-Tailed Chakra Naruto. After completing the "White Zetsu Subjugation" special quest, you unlock Survival Mode for Free Battle.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the "White Zetsu Subjugation" special questSurvival Mode in Free Battle

Contributed By: NobleRavyn.



Got S rank in Threat of the Seven Swordsmen.3rd Unit Rules!
Unlocked a Secret Factor.A Hidden Memory
You cleared Chapter 5.Approaching Ninja World War
You cleared the fragments.Avenger on the Move
Got A rank in The Nine Tails' Attack.Battle of Hidden Leaf
You cleared the last chapter.Beyond the Ninja World War
Performed a Ring-Out KO.Blasting Off
You cleared the prologue.Burning Hidden Leaf Village
Unlocked four Secret Factors.Collected Memories
Got S rank in all boss battles.Conquered Formidables
You released all achievements.Consummate Storm Master
You cleared Chapter 1.Crash the Five Kage Summit
Used rear attack feature in a mob battle.Creeping Shadow
You cleared Chapter 3.Dark Naruto Conquest
Got four S ranks in boss battles.Defeated Formidables
You cleared Chapter 7.End of the Coastline Battle
Got A rank in The Last Battle.End of the War
You won your first tournament.First Championship
Got S rank in The Rumbling Coast.Fists of Determination
Got A rank in Bet the Future.Five Kage at Full Power
Got A rank in The Agitated Five Kage Summit.Five Kage Summit Interrupted
You cleared Chapter 8.Gain the Raikage's Approval
Got A rank in Overcoming Hatred.Gaining Power
Got A rank in The Rumbling Coast.Gedo Statue, Vanished
Got a ?x 5 Ninja Info Card.Gem of a Card
Got S rank in The Last Battle.Hero of the Ninja World
Successfully performed a Secret Action.Hidden Action
Got A rank in Hero and Avenger.His Answer
Completed the Ninja World Timeline.Historian
You won the battle with a full health bar.Magnificent Victory
Saw all Secret Factors.Memories In Your Heart
You cleared Chapter 9.Nearing the Climax
The Tool Shop added to its ninja tool lineup.New Products in Stock
Got S rank in Overcoming Hatred.Nine Tails Overwhelmed
Visited all villages.Ninja World Traveler
You cleared Chapter 2.Promise of a Rematch
You customized your ninja tools.Ready to Roll
Triggered Burst Attack in a mob battle.Ruler of the Battlefield
Used a coupon.Savvy Shopper
Performed a 50-hit combo.Taijutsu Master
Performed an Ultimate Jutsu Finish.Take This!!!
Successfully performed all Secret Actions.Tales That Live In An Instant
Finished a match with Team Ultimate Jutsu.Team Ultimate Finisher
Got S rank in The Nine Tails' Attack.The Almighty Leaf
You cleared Chapter 6.The Ninja Alliance Struggle
Got S rank in Hero and Avenger.To Fight a Friend
Got S rank in Bet the Future.Uchiha Against Five Kage
Got A rank in Threat of the Seven Swordsmen.Vs. the Seven Swordsmen
Got S rank in The Agitated Five Kage Summit.We Are Unstoppable!
You cleared Chapter 4.With Love

Contributed By: Guard Master.