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Infinite Mode and Costumes

Win the gold medal in each challenge map to unlock Infinite Mode, where you fight endless waves of enemies with no time limit. While in Infinite Mode Deadpool will appear in an alternate costume, but the costume can only be used in that stage's Infinite Mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Gold Medal in Great White News HQBallerina Deadpool
Gold Medal in Citadel CourtyardChef Deadpool
Gold Medal in The Watching SentinelClassic Deadpool
Gold Medal In Beneath the StreetsClassic X-Men Uniform
Gold Medal In Magneto's PrisonFrench Maid Deadpool
Gold Medal in Catacombs of GenoshaUltimate Deadpool
Gold Medal in Office SpacesX-Men Costume

Contributed By: xclaim1019.