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Midway Arcade Origins



You scored 6 consecutive points in Arch Rivals.All-Star
You swept up a big bug in Bubbles.Clean-Up
You reached Level 8 in Gauntlet.Doesn't Need Food Badly
You rescued 7 family members without losing a life in Robotron: 2084.Family Man
You defeated 3 consecutive opponents in Pit Fighter.First Rule of Pit Fighting
You took down Freddy Freak in APB.Get Freaky
You earned a Gold Medal in an event in 720.Gold Medalist
You scored at least 12 consecutive points in Tournament Cyberball 2072.Great Coaching
You defeated the beginner race within 15 seconds in Marble Madness.High Roller
You reached Wave 5 in Joust 2.Long Live the Bird
You defeated 3 consecutive cities in Rampage.Monstrous
You survived the first level in Xenophobe.Not Afraid
You defeated the first base in Vindicators Part II.On Base
You defeated a Pterodactyl in Joust.Pterrific!
You defeated the first level in Smash TV.Reality Show-Off
You completed Colorado without sinking in Toobin'.Ride the Wave
You played the game for 15 consecutive minutes in Spy Hunter II.Saint
You defeated Satan in Satan's Hollow.Savior
You broke 10,000 points in Spy Hunter.Score Hunter
You got first place in 3 consecutive races in Super Sprint.Superior Sprint
You reached Level 7 in Gauntlet II.Survivor
You cleared 25 customers without dropping a glass in Root Beer Tapper.Tap that Glass
You defeated the first 3 ships in the first level in one battle in Rampart.Target Practice
You saved 3 astronauts in Defender.They Need a Hero
You saved 3 astronauts in Defender II.They Need a Hero... Again
You survived 3 levels without dying in Xybots.Third-Person Shooter
You used a shortcut in Total Carnage.Total Warpage
You got first place in 3 consecutive races in Championship Sprint.True Champion
You had at least 10,000 points and 3x your opponent's score at the same time in Wizard of Wor.Worrior
You got first place in 3 consecutive races in Super Off Road.X-Treme Off-Road
You defeated Sinistar in Sinistar.You Hunger

Contributed By: Guard Master.

APB All Points Bulletin Cheats


Warp codes

When you start a game, enter one of these codes to warp ahead a bunch of levels.

Gas+Siren and startStart at level 1-16
Siren button and startStart at level 1-8

Contributed By: Saikyo Mog.

Robotron: 2084 Cheats

Easter Eggs

Programmer Credits

Start a game as normal, and during gameplay, perform the following sequences with the joystick and start buttons:

1. Move right, Fire up, and press the Player 1 start button.

2. Move up, Fire down, and press the Player 2 start button.

3. Move down, Fire up.

You must do each part of the sequence within a quarter second of one another, but you may hold each part as long as you wish. When the third part is done, the programmer credits will pop up and remain onscreen as long as the fire joystick is held upward. Be warned that you will lose your game if you do this trick, and it must be done without dying.

Contributed By: Larcen Tyler.

Sinistar Cheats


255 Lives

This is tricky, but very possible to pull off in most if not all versions of Sinistar. With only no lives remaining, when you fly up to a fully build Sinistar, he'll suck you in and eat you. However, if a UFO is around when this animation is occuring and you get shot before being eaten, the lives will be -1, which will loop back around to 255. Have fun!

Contributed By: lonebb.