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Capcom Arcade Cabinet



Set a new record on the High Score table.AAA
Defeat Achilles. (TROJAN)Achilles’ Heel
Cleared a game without using any Continues.Arcade Legend
Cleared a game.Arcade Master
Unlocked a picture in the Gallery.Art Lover
Destroy 500 enemies. (SIDE ARMS)Berserker
Destroy the supercomputer known as "Dark." (LEGENDARY WINGS)Dark Destroyer
Defeated Geshita. (AVENGERS)Gangbuster
Defeat the final boss, Bahamut Centipede. (SIDE ARMS)Pest Control
Clock in 10 hours of playing time.Retro Gamer
Clock in 50 hours of playing time.Retro Obsessive
Clock in 2 hours of playing time.Retro Rookie
Score a 100% destruction rate against Ayako mother bombers. (1943)Sharpshooter
Defeated the Blue Dragon. (BLACK TIGER)Slaying the Blues
Clear Stage Three. (LEGENDARY WINGS)Stage 3 Clear
Clear Stage Three. (TROJAN)Stage 3 Clear
Defeated 100 enemies. (AVENGERS)Street Fighter
Defeated the Black Dragon. (BLACK TIGER)Whackin' Black
Sank the Battleship Yamato. (1943)You Sank My Battleship!

Contributed By: Guard Master.

Achievements: Game Pack 2 DLC

Destroy the L-brain. (SECTION Z)Brain Dead
Defeat Astaroth. (GHOSTS'N GOBLINS)Exorcist
Defeat Fatman Joe. (GUN. SMOKE)Fat Fighter
Infiltrate Section O. (SECTION Z)Halfway There!
Find a Shield in a pot. (GHOSTS'N GOBLINS)Shield Wielder
Defeat the Wingate family. (GUN. SMOKE)Wingate Whacker

Contributed By: Guard Master.

1943 Kai Cheats


Weapon selection

Hold the designated button at the beginning of each levels start screen to activate whatever weapon you wish for.

Codes on left side of " / " are for player one to enter , codes on right side are for player two to enter

A / up3way
left+A+B / A+B3way
right+A+B / rightup+A3way
left / right+BAuto
upleft / right+AAuto
up / downAuto
upright+A+B / down+BLaser
downright+A+B / rightdown+A+BLaser
upleft+A+B / right+A+BLaser
upleft / downShell
upright+B / downrightShell
downright+A / leftShell
A / BShotgun
downleft+B / leftupShotgun
down / AShotgun

Contributed By: whoisthisgit.

1943: The Battle of Midway Cheats

Enter these codes at the start of the stage

Player 1: hold A, Player 2: hold UpActivate 3Way in Stage 05
Player 1 should hold left + A + B and Player 2 A + B.Activate 3Way in Stage 08
Player 1: Hold Right, A, B. Player 2: Hold A and Right/UpActivate 3Way in Stage 12
Player 1: Hold Left. Player 2: Hold Right + BActivate Auto in Stage 06
Player 1: Hold Up/Left. Player 2: Hold Right + AActivate Auto in Stage 11
Player 1 should hold Up and Player 2 Down.Activate Auto in Stage 13
Player 1 should hold right + A and Player 2 left.Activate Auto in Stage 16
Player 1: Hold the Upright + A + B button. Player 2: hold Down + BActivate Laser in Stage 03
Player 1 should hold downright + A + B and Player 2 rightdown + A + B.Activate Laser in Stage 09
Player 1 should hold Upleft + A + B and Player 2 Right + A + B.Activate Laser in Stage 14
Player 1: Hold Up/Left. Player 2: Hold DownActivate Shell in Stage 07
Player 1 should hold upright + B and Player 2 downright.Activate Shell in Stage 10
Player 1 should hold Downright + A and Player 2 left.Activate Shell in Stage 15
Player 1: Hold Down. Player 2: Hold AActivate Shotgun in Stage 01
Player 1: Hold A. Player 2: Hold BActivate Shotgun in Stage 02
Player 1: Hold Down/Left + B. Player 2: Hold Left/UpActivate Shotgun in Stage 04

Contributed By: Joni.

Ghosts 'n Goblins Cheats


Broken Timer

Do the frog trick and time your 15th hit so that the frog spell hits you as the time runs out but before the death animation stops. The 0 in the minutes space of the timer will then change indefinitely in a fixed sequence every minute to a different number, letter, symbol, blank, or garbage character, sometimes in a different font. Arthur/frog (revived) will be either normal or disfigured and the music will stop. The glitch will last until Arthur dies or completes the level.

Contributed By: jh51681.

Easter Eggs

Turn into a Frog

Duck and then shoot a tombstone 15 times in a row and an angel character will appear. This angel will fire a bolt at you. Let it hit you and you'll become a frog.

Contributed By: Retro.

Gun.Smoke Cheats


An interesting bug

When you're on level two, make sure you have a horse when you kill Roy Knife. Once he is dead, walk over his corpse and your horse will be killed. Roy raises from the dead as a sort of indestructible zombie. You can shoot him as much as you like, but he won't die. In this way you can play until you get tired of it.

Contributed By: Saikyo Mog.

The Speed Rumbler Cheats

Easter Eggs

Hidden credits

In the game's ending sequence, hold 1P Start + 1P Left + 1P Button 2 after the ending text appears to trigger a hidden credits sequence

Contributed By: Desonic.