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A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX

The Ranking

70.00% Overall Rank: 10248
Xbox 360 Rank: 930
2013 Games Rank: 10225
2013 Xbox 360 Rank: 930
Score based on 7 reviews


In the year 2060 Earth has reached the stars, during that time an alliance was formed with a Robotic Alien race which the humans call Atzai. The Atzai gave humans the means to end the pollution plaguing their planet by building the Minos Space Station, which the waste of Earth is used to form efficient forms of energy for space travel. For once Earth was at peace, and a strong bond forged between Human and Machine. However not all Atzai agreed with helping the warmonger human race, and slowly rebel factions formed inside the Atzai ranks. Now the year is 2094 and the rebel faction Leader Zytron has attacked and taken control of all the machines onboard the Minos station. Atzai Command receives a distress call from Dr. Julia Carson a chief engineer revealing that there are still survivors on board at that Zytron has a secret Extinction Agenda for mankind. Atzai Command sends their best option to infiltrate and retake Minos from enemy hands, with the priority of saving the hostages at all cost. Take control of Ares and newcomer Taurus for two separate story arcs, and uncover the conspiracy behind Zytron's invasion of Minos Station. Ares is a combat specialist built to run faster, jump higher, and fire quicker. And Taurus who is a battle veteran built for giving and taking damage with his tank like body. Together with their orbital handler Valkyl, they must race against the clock to save the survivors and stop Zytron's Extinction Agenda at any cost.
Release Date: October 2, 2013

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Game Over Online 10/07/13 Review 85 out of 100
Hardcore Gamer 10/07/13 Review 4 out of 5
Official Xbox Magazine 10/04/13 Review 4 out of 10
GameSpot 10/03/13 Review 6 out of 10
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