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Postal III


Good or Insane? The choice is yours. Following the Apocalyptic end to the Postal Dudes week in Paradise, we follow him and his insane pitbull Champ as they emigrate to its appropriately named sister city, Catharsis. Unfortunately, due to the Global Economic Meltdown, psychotic left-wing Green extremism and hypocritical Government corruption, it turns out Catharsis isnt a much better place to live. What path will you choose when faced with the antics of a hypocritical scheming Mayor? A berserk cartoon mascot with Al Qaeda ties? A former Vice-Presidents cadre of Eco-Zealots? How about Gay Segway biker gangs, and a sociopathic cult leader Uncle with nuclear ambitions? Will you give in to your base instincts and fight fire with gasoline? Or will you rise above it to become something more, to serve and protect your fellow citizens from the rampant insanity of our modern society?
Release Date: Canceled

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